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In other words, I clumsily made a Beaker costume with heavy paper, felt, foam elements, very artificial fur, tulle, and a lot of tape and glue to hold it together. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the process, including the test fit and shot of the requisite contest sign.

dizzy d20 128.png

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DUDE that is awesome! Very original, love it!!

All I can say is mee mee mimi meep!

Looks like a pink version of your everyday hiveface, if you ask me.
Meemee Meep!

Mep meep me! Hope you enjoyed the party! Love the way you put in the elements with links!

I am absolutely exhausted. It was crazy. I juggled serving food, running a photo booth with Canva editing to put people on a red carpet, a murder mystery, and more, to say nothing of setup and cleanup.

Hopefully, one that your guests will remember then! Those little things won't go unnoticed! I'll hope for an invite to the next one! Sounds spectacular!

I doubt you'd travel from Scotland all the way to the Inland Northwest of the US just for a small-town library Halloween party, !LOLZ

Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft...
And I'll show you A-flat minor.

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That looks so funny! XD
But also cute at same time. Nice work!

Thank you! This was my second muppet costume. Last year, I was a Yip-Yip Martian from Sesame Street.

Oh, i know that. Sesame Street is my fav TV show when i was a kid. So nostalgic~ 😊

I think next year, maybe I should be Oscar the Grouch.

It was mildly entertaining hovering the links and working everything else out XD

Glad you enjoyed the hints of actual content hidden under the nonsense! I thought about stopping at one of the seedy dive bars in town to see if Beaker could land some babes. I may actually try that on Halloween proper, except I'm not really looking for the kind of women who hang around our seedy dive bars.

Is there a requirement that you have to take people home? o_O

Ha! No. Hmm, would taking them home count as trick or treat? !LOLZ

Mee meee meeeep me? Hahahaha that's so cool man, I wish I can find a mask like that

You'd have to make one like I did, and maybe find a better option for hair.