Practical Pottery - Making a Juicer

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I like making practical objects with clay. Some of my friends enjoy making sculptures, vases and 3D reliefs. I like making things that can be used around the house. I started making juicers and giving them away to family and friends. I made one juicer that my pottery teacher really liked. She asked me if I would be offended if she made one like mine. I told her that she could have my juicer but she would have to glaze it. She was very happy to receive it and didn't mind glazing it. She told me that she enjoys fresh squeezed orange juice and that she makes it most mornings.


I made this juicer on the pottery wheel. When it was still pretty soft, I added a spout. I chose not to add a handle to this one even though I've added handles to other juicers that I have made.


I made a smaller juicer that is better suited for juicing lemons or limes because of the size. I promised this juicer to one of my sisters.



Throwing clay on the wheel for a juicer involves making a mound in the center of a bowl shape. I had to be careful not to make a hole in the center while pushing the clay toward the inside.

I had a few mis-steps before I got the hang of it. Now I can make a juicer without a lot of fan fare.


I'll probably make a few more since several of my classmates asked me if I would help them to make one. It's a lot easier for me to make it for them. Afterall, throwing clay on a wheel involves practice and skill.

Enjoy your day.



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