Old Cats Like Us... =^,,^=

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Old Cat Rock.!!

Kittens are Cool, but there is something majestic about older cats.

My Kitty POV is where I see things from. Usually about 6-8 paws up from the floor. Around knee high to one of you pesky pet humans.

My human (seen from my POV above) says Ferals command his respect as they are survivors and the cards are stacked against them. My pet human once told me that I have it easy peasy as the average lifespan of a feral is only 5 yrs. How can that even be true !!??

He went on to explain to me that ferals have man as their worst enemy out in the wild. Mainly from the machines they drive called automobiles. Other predators, cold weather and starvation. He says it is a rough life for a wild feral cat.

Did you know that I was one of those wild ferals when my humans found me and I adopted them as my pet humans? For my first several years I was a mean kitty. I did not understand that they were being good to me and fell victim to my instincts and wild nature.

You can read about my Rescue of two lost humans here ---> Sammi Jo Rescue Story

So my pet human and I were reading a few posts in this last week that made us kinda sad. My pet humans friend here on the hive and a great cat daddy also @manorvillemike who just had to say goodbye to one of his cat family. You can read about that here ---> Bad Grief, no relation to gGood Grief

The other was my krush kitty 🐈 C.C. @curatorcat caturday post this week and it made me kinda sad for Smudge. You can go see why here --> Curator Cat Caturday with lots of comings and goings

The older kitty they call Smudge a kitty that found her way to a really cool cat family to live out her days with the C.C.'s and his pet humans. What an awesome bunch of pet humans they are. It got me to thinking about how long I have been here on this 3rd rock from the sun. 13 human years. I know my pet human is nervous about my 68 cat years here with him. He does not think I can make it 100 years. He says I am gonna leave him and my heightened cat senses his sadness when He hugs me. You see I fine tuned into his life and bonded with him when He fed me with a baby bottle those 13 human years ago. I try to give him as much love as I can. He is the only one that can pick me up and cuddle me. Anyone else gets the claws... LOL MOL (meow out loud)

Well back to my nap time. I know this makes him worry also. But hey, us older cats sleep more. It is the natural way of things. I bet I will always be with my pet human. I am in his heart ❤️ and that is furrever... 🐈


Samantha Jo Kitty has come a long way since feral days. Learned how to talk English and open a post on Hive. I knew she was smart but never this smart. Good luck posting big kitty/

Old kitties matter!

I'm grateful for my cushy indoor cat life! After all, I came from a litter of kittens that were unceremoniously dumped in a cardboard box in the woods... thankfully near the animal shelter, where a kindly Hooman dropped us off.

Thankfully, Smudge is on the mend, after pooping out a horrendous large hairball that was likely blocking her intestinal tract, at least in part.

Be well, kitty friend!


There you again, makin cats cool. Mol.