Snow Fall - Kitty Style

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Week three of our latest rescue "Snowflake" the kitten.

(Snowflake and @pooky-jax )

Last night was our first real play session with the other kits in the mix. Lazer toy chase and no real bad experiences for the little guy. My cat family seemed to accept him on the first impressions. The usual hiss and growls. A few swats to the head from the other big cats when Snowflake would run at us too quickly.

I stayed nearby just in case.

It always makes me MOL (meow out loud) hysterically when the kittens and even full grown cats do what I call the "Freak Out" or "Halloween Kitty" stance. I purr-fected that move by the way. =^,,^=

(L👀ks something like this)


Soon it will be time to go to the vets and get his boy parts clipped and the necessary shots and tests. Still no home for him. My Pet Human says we will keep him if we have to. But it has become a crowded house here. My human said four was the limit and with Snowflake we are double that. I, with the help of the pet humans, have found some really awesome homes over the years for many kittens. Where they were the second or third kitty of a humans house. Attention and time is in short supply here. Both my humans work full time jobs with overtime. No lack of love and care tho. They get plenty of both of those. But there is only so much attention and time to be given to them.

My Pet Driver the human guy will be attempting a group photo sometime in the near future. He will use bait like catnip or treats near feeding time. It worked a few times before. He fooled us all into one spot. We start to congregate when our tummies start growling and we circle like sharks around your ankles. I think they have only been successful on one or two of those kind of photos. It is rare to get all of us kits in one spot and sitting still long enough for a snapshot.

Here is one from a few years ago. Can you find all 8 of us in this photo?

(Eight is Enough!)
Eight of Nine Grazzin' 2020-06-27.jpg

Here is one last picture blast of the rescue kitten we are calling... ❄️"Snowflake"❄️





All that play makes a kitten sleepy...

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on this little guy. He is available for adoption. Give us a shout if you can help do that.

Now it is time for another cat nap. All this kitten stuff makes an old truckin' kitty tired.


Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

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