We Have Created a New Community - So Please Come and Engage with us!

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I've never really concentrated on any communities in the past, mainly because we aren't a tribe or an inflation token. My thought process was that there was no point in creating one since we focus on rewards for holding our token, and not rewards for content generation. We are but a community that exists on discord.

However, it almost always surprises me when I see people on here telling me that they haven't heard of BRO yet, or that they've only heard of @brofi -- so I thought I'd switch that up a bit and show that we are a multi-layered token, and not just some project that no-one has heard of before!

You can find our community here: C/The Man Cave Project and the tags we will be encapsulating are:


If you use any of these tags then you'll be sure your post will land in here for all of us to see -- but word of caution, there is a heavy slant to our curation for holders of BRO. No, not because we're an upvote service, but because we don't have a tribe and we're not adequately able to reward participants without some sort of method to check whether you're engaging with us on some level. With tribes it's easy, you get to use their front end, use their tags and stake their tokens -- it works a little different with us.

So to prevent people from taking advantage we've created a slant towards BRO holders. It's not certain that you'll get a vote, but it gives you a better chance if you're in here posting and not engaging with us. You can buy our token here if you're interested.

For the record I'll be in here quite often. I'll also nominate a few others to keep alert in the community, just so that everything keeps smoothly and running well.

Hopefully, with enough excitement we may even get some people in here that post about the crazy exploits that happen in The Man Cave. Time will tell. Looking at you @trumpman


I don't need to detail everything because I'm sure most of you know and understand how communities work. Just that you need our tags and that's about it! Then you can be part of our mission.

But that's not all we do remember. This community is but yet another small small part of the glove that envelopes the reach we have on hive engine. There are many notches to our bedpost.

Yesterday I wrote about the idea of starting your own project as part of the Dragons Den initiative we have. Yep, funding for people looking to start something new but don't have the money for it. In a way it's new money for people with decent ideas, and venture capital for the Dragons -- just another benefit in a long line of benefits to come for our top holders.

We have an entire discord community full of hive degens and old school crypto magnates which you can join here and have fun with us. There are no rules in the cave only that you treat each other in the same way you want to be treated yourself. That means if you come in with respect then you're probably going to get that thrown back at you.

Dividends are every Friday! Yep, every Friday I gather together all our weekly earnings and compress it into one big send out usually during the night -- just for you guys. I will state that earnings are quite low at the moment because we've just entered the bear. But stick with us, I foresee a bright future.

That's about it for now. After I've sorted out this community and everything is running smoothly I plan to set my sights on the amount of dividends we are earning every week and perhaps shine a light on any improvements that can be made to make the process far more eventful and fun, everyone likes getting dividends for sure!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 121 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Great idea! Another good reason to hold BRO.

Yup! May great ways :)

It's good to see this. The Community is already doing well on discord. Having this will (hopefully) be a good way to bring more eyes to the Mancave project.

Well, I am hoping so my friend :)

This is great! I love this idea of a new project and hope to get involved where I can.
Holding bro token is my target!👍

Nice! Thank you Nkem :)

This is great! I have a few questions:
Is there any preference in content or I should really not bother you with cute puppy pictures?
Where can I see how much HIVE I got Friday? (Not sure I get any for my miniscule amount of BRO tho.)

No preference! I would recommend holding BRO though! It helps us filter out who is using us versus who is engaging with us :)

The first post! You have to do an NFT

Interesting - very interesting :)

Oh Thank you my friend. I'm really happy to hear that. I can't wait for some crazy exploits there.

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I’m new and I don’t really understand how bro works(how to earn it, how to trade it, nothing), I’d love to get involved though.

Bros can be pirates but not all bros are pirates, yet mateys.

I am saving up to get some bro tokens
The image you used


What front end lets you add 20 topics/ keywords ?