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This is My first post in bdcommunity, I Would like to try the experience posting here

I personally suffered from this problem with my three-year-old child. The phone became addictive and could not be dispensed with, so I started reading several articles in scientific journals in order to know the damages that the phone might reach the children.
Unfortunately, I found disasters, and indeed some symptoms appeared on my child.

After the massive technology revolution that swept the world, electronic devices of different shapes and types became available in every home, which made them accessible to all children of all ages for games or watching videos, and they spend most of their time on phones, and this has a very negative impact on children.

health damages :

One of the most important damages is that it affects children's eyes, especially those who spend long hours in front of the phone or spices. Therefore, we notice that many children these days wear glasses at a young age, and ophthalmologists clinics are full of children who suffer from dry eyes or short eyesight due to eye strain throughout Today it also leads to a headache in many children, and before the advent of phones, this was rarely the case.

Child addiction to the phone:

Children use phones for long periods of time, making them very attached to phones, especially that they are young and do not have control over themselves. After a while they enter into a stage of addiction to games and spend most of their time in front of the phone, which reduces their concentration rate and also they become social and they enter into a stage of introverting themselves and do not like social life. I gathered them on a social occasion with someone who we see they suffer from severe boredom and tension, and they hope the time will end quickly to return to their phones alone again.

Accident exposure due to phones:

Their permanent ignition by phones may cause them some accidents, whether at home or outside the home, such as collision with something or falling due to lack of focus or stumbling in something in front of them


Affects the child's relationship with his parents:

The child's attachment to the phone causes the phone to play the role of a permanent educator for him, learns everything from him, which creates a huge gap between him and his parents, not to sit with them, listen and obey their words, and creates countless problems between them.

Affects the mental abilities:

The child’s use of the phone in everything stops the development of his mind and reduces his abilities, for example, if every time he used the calculator even in simple operations after a period, he will rely on it in all his mathematical operations, so everything he searches for is done by pressing one button, so when thinking and thinking about the matter then.

Sleep problems:

Radiant phones lead to insomnia in children and lose the desire to sleep, especially when sitting in front of the phone directly before sleep, causing disturbances and anxiety and can not sleep easily

Affects academic achievement:

Children who are addicted to phones suffer from a very bad level of education, as its focus is always preoccupied with playing and having fun, and there is no place for homework.

May lead to obesity:

Sitting for long periods in front of the phones and not exercising affects many children with obesity and rapid weight gain that leads to many diseases.

Increased forgetfulness:

Of course, the number of forgetfulness cases in children increases due to their focus on the phone. They forget about some of their homework or one of the tasks assigned to them by someone at home.

Due to the limited awareness of the child, he may be exposed to anxiety due to the loss of his game and become very frustrated, which negatively affects the child, his psyche, and his daily mood.
We should not leave the phone with our children without restrictions
Their use of the phone should be monitored on a daily basis.

Specify a time to use the phone:

He likes to leave the phone in front of the child in front of the day so that he can work his meals and maintain his health, so he loves to give him the phone at the end of the week and specify an hour or two only and the rest of the vacation he spends with his family and exercise is useful
Do not keep the phone with the child at night:
It is strictly forbidden to take the child to his phone with him in the room at night so that he does not sit in front of him for long times, especially when the lighting is closed and the eye is exposed to the phone directly, it is very harmful to her.

Setting sites available for children:

Sites and games that incite violence against children and immoral people must be blocked and his phone monitored well so that he does not learn violence from the phone and applies it to his friends.
Children’s phones should be monitored well and not left prey to harm modern technology.


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Good post, young kids don't need cell's disaster in the making.