Beyond Her Dream

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We have different types of dreams at various times in our life, some of which are fulfilled and some remain unfulfilled, although we know a phrase pretty goodly that dreams keep us alive. Sometimes we plan so many things for our life or decorate our life gorgeously, dreaming so much that we don't succeed or we might be the biggest reason for our own failure. So what? Should we stop dreaming or should we stop living? Damn, definitely not.


Life is all about the next stage, If you failed in a state it does not mean that you would fail again in your upcoming stages. What if you fail in one stage of life and succeed in another stage just because you had believed in yourself which most people do not have? Would not that thing be a great achievement for your life?

Just imagine you entered into your room after you had done hardcore labour outside, you felt like you had no energy left on your feet to stand. Instantly, you fell onto the bed to take rest your body and all of a sudden you fell asleep. You were like having a sweet dream in your sleep, that kind of sweet dream you had not ever watched and you were feeling like everything is natural what most of the time we feel when we are in a dream.

Unexpectedly your mom called you to wake up or anyhow your sweet dream had been broken, how do you feel then? I know it can let you pain for a certain period of time, but as time goes by you will have no sense of what actually happened a couple of moments ago with you. Do you stop living just because that dream had been broken? Definitely not, you seem like it would be a foolish act If I did that.

Let me tell you a story about my friend, I met a guy on the very first day of my college during the time most students were unknown to me. I looked to my left side and watched a guy with overweight entering into the classroom and sitting next to me. Typically, I was quite an introvert type at that time although I made friends with him within a day which was one of the most surprising things in my life. I have never made friends in such a short time before. As most school friends did not get a chance to admit to college, I had spent a couple of days lonely.

The guys did not feel that bored as time flowed. As we were both private together, he could share each and everything which had been happening in his life. Within a short time he fell in love with someone although I tried so hard to convince him that it is not the right time to go for that thing. As love is blind, falling on it people do not have the sense to judge. I had been noticing that his performance was dropping day by day though he had no worries at all.

I tried too many times to tell him, you are not doing the right thing for your life my friend but he did not listen to me as he feel like flowing into heaven on earth. Well, during the time of admission he had not got a chance according to his most desired place while his loved one got a chance to admit to the most prestigious university in the country. Ultimately that relationship did not last long and the boy was in a huge depression for a while because of losing his loved soul. Still, he is struggling but did not forget to dream. Working so hard to beyond her dream. God knows what happens next.


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