Burning Eyes

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It seems that while talking to a person your eyes describe the true emotion of your soul. If you truly love someone your eyes talk, If you are escaping something, your close souls will catch up by reading your eyes, If you are truly fond of someone or your emotion comes out through your eyes and I believe it is the truest thing which hardly able to escape our emotion in spite of trying so hard.

© David Zawila

Yes, I caught up numerous times while hiding my emotions. I hardly tell them and I have a fear like what if they make fun of hearing my serious issues? I know they are honest enough to have faith in me to come back in the battle once again. As long as I try to escape, I grab into the net of their thoughts and the same case goes for myself too.

Let me tell you something about a guy, It seems that a guy can love or preserve a vast amount of adoring into the depth of one's heart which is far wider than a girl. I am not saying girls are too ignorant in terms of their lives, some souls are quite sensitive but their afford hardly can able to beat the loves of men. Have a seen a girl who didn't get married just because he had not married a guy whom she wanted? It's a rare scene which we barely hear to happen but whenever turn into boys we most of the time hear this kinda thing to happen.

Well, he fell in love even though he didn't know how it happened so early and how friendship turned into a relationship. While having close to her, he felt pleased and while leaving her or going away from her, he felt a major body part was missing from his body although everything physically was quite alright and that was a unique feeling for someone who assisted him to know that he truly loved her.

Everything was going quite well and he had a fear in himself which was If he tell his emotion to the girl then something messy will be created and that's why he oathed to himself saying I will not tell her how much I love her until I find a hint of love from her side. Time was flowing like a boat and he was conserving the emotion in his deepest part. He was enjoying the journey of onesided love and its aroma is like a blast of emotion where you can add what your soul tells you to mix.

Ultimately, a day came when he felt the girl whom he loved, she loved him as well and it was a trap but he didn't feel that. Unlucky, that relationship was not fruitful, whenever he expressed his emotions in front of her It Crumbled like a house of cards. Anyway, he lost a major crucial time of his life and he was not able to admit into a decent place just because of happening that incident.

He had been far away from his close friends and admitted himself not to that prestigious institution and caged himself into his room most of the time. He knew he had to make something unreal task to prove his worth in front of his friends and at the same time, he did not let his love lose him. He oathed that he will get not married anymore. To bear the pain he has to make himself so strong and make tremendous power to own that no one can force him to change his decisions. His eyes burn and his heart burns as well and living into it has a unique sense to own.


This art of writing is fascinating ❣️

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