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Do you listen to the calls of your inner soul and do you take action according to the calls? Well, telling the truth most people I don't observe them to follow the path what their inner souls indicate to go. It is quite a familiar situation in my all-around. Having a curious mind I asked myself why don't people live life by listening to their souls call? By observing people's life It seems to me that people have fear before taking action according to their minds. Fear! Don't get surprised. Yes, you heard right most people feel fears in their inner souls before taking instant action to make their souls wholesome.


You might assume that why people have fears while doing the task that their souls call them to do. I have given you a minute to think about it. Well, let me deliver my answer. People have fear about what other people think about them or If he or they do the task what their minds warn them to do. There is hardly a person I have found who doesn't care about what others people think about him. Rarely, I have got a person who just sinks into himself, does whatever his soul tells him to do to make his soul lively.

Yes, this is a thing which most people are hardly able to do it. Because, people think about others too much that's why they can't live with a wholesome heart. If I tell something about myself on that thing I will say, affirmative and negative both answers I have. Yes, In practical life the answer is affirmative. I listen to the calls of my inner soul to make myself happy. Whenever my soul calls me to go for a peaceful walk, I insanely go for it without looking at the clock for once. When my soul warns me to go to the favourite place of mine, I head towards that place and sit to heal my soul.

Although in recent times I'm quite careless about my eating, the desire awakens in the mind to taste a food I hardly let the desire die. Everything is positive in my real life but when comes to the word virtual life, there most of the things are negative because I hardly listen to my soul in my virtual life. I hardly take action according to my soul's call. Let me tell you a story about one of my friends who has one simple theory to live life. Just listen to the soul, don't think too much about what other people think about you. If you don't follow the phrase, you won't able to enjoy a wholesome life. He strongly follows the phrase and he has a strong belief in it.

If you are a social media user I will know at different times there are different things in trading. I hardly do that kind of thing but he does. Last night he shared a post, the post's caption was Guess my age based on how I act on social media after he posted that on social media that came to my newsfeed thirty minutes later. First of all, I overserved other's comments. Their maximum comments were like he was at a teenage level because he shared that kind of thing on social media without caring about others. I would like to announce there is hardly a person who can live like him. People are jealous because they can be like him.

Having the child in someone is truly not bad at all. Because childhood was a period when we all had a wholesome time. As we grow up this attitude gradually goes away from our life and we forget to live a wholesome life.

I commented on the post too that comment was like:

No need to guess your age based on how you act on social media. I said this just for only one reason: that is you're the person who leads a life with wholesome & this attitude should go on no matter how old you're or how old you will be.

To lead a wholesome life I believe someone needs a lively heart and a lovely soul. Don't let the child die in you. If the child lives in you, you will be living as well.


This is why we must be ourselves instead of being something else or listening to other people's words.

Your soul is the one carrying your mind and your body. So, being able to control it must be ypur watchword.
Fear can only come in when you allow it to or else we are all humans and are bound to meet people of like minds.

Yes, you've got the point pretty rightly. Anyway, Thanks for stopping by & Thanks for sharing your opinions here. Have a good day!

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