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Run, Run, Run!
Otherwise you will be to late to reach...

Why should always continually have in run crucial for life? To achieve the goals, you run. To fulfil your dreams you run. Sometimes those runs become so artificial that we forget we are living creatures of nature. I know It's a process of living, It takes courage to ourselves to go ahead in life. Here, I'm not saying chasing your dreams of yours is an awful thing, even why would I say this?! It seems that we are made for playing a role, the role may be matched with each other, but in some cases, It may not be. What do you think blindly chasing a goal is an ideal thing?


Life is so unpredictable these times, when I was a child my thoughts were too narrow to think about, at that time looked at the outside world in a simple way. Although a vast amount of complicated things happened at the time too, I could not read as like I am observing right now. I could not assume for once, that any kind of uncertain incident occurred in life. Because everything looked more colourful at the time as I told you earlier my brain was not mature enough.

I thought like as I planned there everything will transpire into physical, and there has no chance to rest of the plan uncompleted. What If I missed out before making the planned physical? Yes, I didn't assume like that. I thought everybody has the same life cycle and no one can exit life before going through all of the stages of life. But, I was wrong, truly wrong on that concept. As I have been growing up, life takes off different lessons multiple times. In recent times It has successfully proved that the life I have been leading Its truly uncertain. Although I knew It pretty well, some incidents in recent days truly opened my eyes once again.

It's time I started to think about life once again. Where am I going? What are my goals? What is the destination of my life? Some death cases entirely forced me to think about these kinds of things. Yes, I know we all need to have goals in life, In fact, having multiple goals pushes you to enjoy the real thrill of life. When you are truly active to reach your goals, you might be deprived to enjoy other things. You might think as early as I complete the task there will be a lot of time for enjoying other things. Oh, you are slightly wrong my friend, there will be a lot of time for enjoying other things but the time is uncertain.

What If before making the task complete you passed away? Yes, this is life which is truly uncertain. Sometimes It's better to be late, sometimes Its better not to be in a hurry to achieve a goal. Sometimes listening to the sound of the soul is crucial because the next day is too uncertain to come again to you. Just imagine two scenarios, one is, you had a selected destination to go, you travelled through a moto bike and the speed of It was over 100kmp most of the time and you reached your selected place before the time ended. Yes, you have completed your goal to reach within time. But there had a lot left to enjoy.

The second one is: that you were riding the bike around 60 KPH in some cases the speed was less than that. During the ride, you stopped when you saw enchanting views of nature, and you took a break in a tea stall. You did every single thing what your soul told you to do. In one word you completely enjoyed the ride, although you were late to reach the selected place. Ultimately I would go with the second one. As life is too uncertain, sometimes It's better to be late to reach the goals and within the delay let's keep the decision in the soul.


This is really inspiring. I too would go for the second because life isn't to be rushed, rushing can only lead to doom sometimes so I think it's better to take things slow even while working really hard to acquire that dream. Very thoughtful post you have here. Thanks for sharing

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