The Pains Of Parenting. trial 2

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Hey you, happy Sunday and welcome to the second entry of a four part series in the PAINS OF PARENTING, so on the last entry, I explained how my child in his first two to three years "damned" me with his ear-shattering screams which were mostly without obvious reasons none the less. Just for context, it almost led to losing my job.

Today I go on to another "shitty" issue I had to deal with, Yes I'm talking about my child's pooping phase.


When you see a new born baby, you get that uncanny urge to smile, you just feel like pulling that little bundle of joy to your chest, and holding him there, listening to his chittering, that cute "googoo gaagaa"and when he smiles, wow, then out of no where, that smell hits you squarely, right up your nose, you wouldn't expect that cute human to be the source of such foul " smell".

It wasn't the first time I was smelling the poop of a baby, but its never a pleasant experience regardless of how long you've been exposed to it.

The first year is usually the hardest, you're basically just faced with watery diarrhea.. All day long, but it's due to the nature of his food.. Breast milk, custard, fruit purry.. Liquid based food.

Now to the experience that got me riled up, my first born son just turned one year, his first birthday, I organised a small gathering, just neighbours and a few friends with their kids, now the party was really lovely, we had fun all round but, the party ended on a funny note, the birthday boy pulled it off. I have no idea how he removed his clothes and diaper but he found a way. He walked right into the middle of the room, took a good look at me and then let down the dump of a century. You could literally see the revolt, everyone took a good step back, a few laughed it off.. But I knew the stench was strong. I cleaned up after, the arty didn't stay too long after.

We still joke about it at home, luckily I got a video of the entire thing, I now threaten him around his friends with it.

It got better over the years and now I have a nine year old big boy on my couch getting rude with me.

Now as ever, Parenting is lovely, you just have to handle the good and the bad sides of it, just as anyone should handle any good relationship. It might get a bit shitty, but it's gets better with time.

Thanks for reading,
Have a splendid day folks.

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