The Season Is Here But There Will always Be Love At First Sight.

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Christmas is hovering around the corner since the season is here already - this is a time of love and reflection - garrrh... No wonder my pen has a lovey birdy writing sensation this morning. Lol.

Well, as some will say "love is a beautiful thing after all" - we all experience and express it in our own different and unique way. Which is totally fine with me.

Now time to write some lovey birdy poem. Hope you enjoy it guys. Read below.


Love at first sight

When I first saw you
My heart started singing
I didn't know what to do
But I knew it was the beginning

You were a rare specimen
Something great to behold
And unlike all other men
Something great began to unfold

When I saw your face
It told me you were elegant
Immediately my feelings began to surface
It happened in an instant

You became my treasure
My only valuable
The source of my pleasure
Something I can't put on the table

You became my obsession
It once caused me pain,
Sorry, I have a confession
I am in love again.

This poem gives me that Telemundo feeling. Those Spanish telonovelas that they broadcast on TV. Hehe.... Can't believe I was once an addict to spanish telonovelas and their happy ever after ending love series but anyways, life moved too fast and presently a boy become laddened with shit ton of responsibilities which replaced that priority. Gaarh.. Seems I am talking too much at this point but whatever... See you guys in my next post. Hope you all enjoyed the poem! Bye!

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The most lovely part to me is

You became my treasure
My only valuable
The source of my pleasure

Thanks for reading bro. Glad you liked that stanza.