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What superpower would I like to have? Honestly? I don't know the answer to the question. I like being a normal human. Even in my imaginations, I like being a very ordinary person who spends most of his free time in leisure, scratching my nuts in solitude. But if I were really pushed to select what power would I choose or just be like any superhero from the comics, I would choose to be an omega level mutant from the X-Men universe with multiple personality disorders.

Bear with me for a second and let's do this thought experiment. The same thought experiment that led to the origin of the X-Men called Legion. Lets say, an extremely powerful god level being has a wider variety of personalities in him. So, when the alpha, or the primary personality isn't in control, the other ones who take the seat for brief periods, what powers would they manifest? the same power as the primary personality or something entirely different?

I once read on reddit about this woman with Multiple Personality Disorders, one of which had diabetes. that personality, when in control, would even need taking insulin to keep her sugar levels low. The rest of the personalities could eat as much sugar as they wanted, but this one couldn't. As ludacris as it may sound, it seems likely that multiple personalities may come with multiple physical traits even, in the same host body. So if we applied that same rule to a super-powered individual, what would we get? yes, multiple distinctive super powers for every personality.

Legion, most probably the most unheard of superhero to exist, whose I'm a big fan of, has about a thousand personalities with thousands of powers. His brain is so chaotic that it creates and destroys different personalities every second except for a few primary one. The primary personality, David Haller, has a wide range of telepathic superpowers so extremely powerful that he can even bend realities with it. But it's so boring. But the fascinating ability of being able to create new superpowers and destroy redundant ones is what I'd like for myself. Life is like a Box of Chocolate, You never know what you are going to get, the famous quote of Forrest Gump would really come true. Except, add an eternal lasting russian roulette in the form of an LSD high with it. Now , wouldn't that be diabolical!


Come on brother, you're given the opportunity to pick a superpower but instead you choose something with multiple problems? 😂

For some reason I just can't help but think that the Legion guy will be very unstable and unstable isn't good.

As for me, I will go for something simple yet so dangerous that people won't know what hit them, Mind reading. Hearing people's thought can make you so powerful that you know everything before it happens. You know who's real and who's fake.

The best thing about it is that no one will even know you have such power because to everyone, you're just a normal guy.

Unstable isnt good, i agree prayzz. But imagine living a life where every moment is a surprise:p Also, legion has telepathy to every kind of power imaginable:))

Well the powers sounds cool but having control is everything.

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