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RE: We live to achieve 'social-standard'!

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Society makes some standard to make you feel successful/happy. When you achieve that you feel successful and when not you feel you have failed.

This is so true apu. Here ,its the only thing people can think about. Here, we are measured our worth in degrees. Its like a slow disease and it too takes a toll by destroying our sense of freedom. After a life long marathon chasing success we are left with only a few memories to cherish and live by.. Thats not life. Thats how machines would live if they were conscious.


Good to see that you got it. I always say LIVE. Don't live on other's standard. If you feel you are doing good, you are successful and happy. Take it, appreciate it. No matter how people talk about you.
Yeah, it's a disease and we have to find the cure.
I always tell my 3 years old, you don't have to be ' anything'. You just need to find happiness. Mom and Dad (and Allah) will love you even if you don't become 'anything'.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!