We live to achieve 'social-standard'!

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Is there any way to deny we need social approval, acceptance to live our lives? I think it's okay as long as we don't depend on these. When we start living our life to meet what society wants us to meet, that's when we lose control over our life, our dream, and we become far away from the true meaning of happiness!

I don't know if you are familiar with Pseudo Happiness or False Happiness concert. Though both of the terms are not the same, there are many similarities in them. Let me explain in some simpler words!

Society makes some standard to make you feel successful/happy. When you achieve that you feel successful and when not you feel you have failed. It can be your academic degree, financial status, married life; anything. Now, the problem is we can be more successful than that, we can achieve more things than just these. But society will never approve those as our success and will force us to belive we 'failed'.

The choice is always ours, whether we need these approval to live our life or not.

It's true that society, our family, surroundings always wants our best. But sometimes if you feel you want something different, that's okay. It's okay to not fill the social standard. That doesn't make us a failure or anything less capable.


I believe this understanding is very necessary. Not just to treat our life but also to see other's life from a different perspective. What we believe 'success' may not be a successful thing for others. That doesn't mean they fail in life.

As we are part of this society so we are also responsible to make this standard and force others to meet it, right? If you ask me, then what have I done to take control of my responsibility? I would say, I raise my voice. Not only here in this blog but in my real life too. I try to make others feel comfortable if they think of themselves as a failure. I always try to make others understand that it's okay to not meet the social standard. Live the way you want.


At the very end, we all have to come back to our life, to society. We have to be answerable, accountable, and responsible for so many things. There may not be enough room to make a difference. We may act like 'this is our goal what you pointed out as a goal.' We have believed in 'false happiness' and arrange everything to make us happy that way.

Sometimes I think, what if there would be no 'standard'? What if nobody told you to earn a seven-figure salary? What if nobody asks you your designation? Maybe that will be too much. But we can make a balance, right? A balance by making a difference, a balance by setting our own example!

Our views are expanding, the next generation will be much more open-minded and bold. Maybe they will make their own path and not live to achieve the social standard. Maybe...


Much Love

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Society makes some standard to make you feel successful/happy. When you achieve that you feel successful and when not you feel you have failed.

This is so true apu. Here ,its the only thing people can think about. Here, we are measured our worth in degrees. Its like a slow disease and it too takes a toll by destroying our sense of freedom. After a life long marathon chasing success we are left with only a few memories to cherish and live by.. Thats not life. Thats how machines would live if they were conscious.

Good to see that you got it. I always say LIVE. Don't live on other's standard. If you feel you are doing good, you are successful and happy. Take it, appreciate it. No matter how people talk about you.
Yeah, it's a disease and we have to find the cure.
I always tell my 3 years old, you don't have to be ' anything'. You just need to find happiness. Mom and Dad (and Allah) will love you even if you don't become 'anything'.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!