ChatGPT Tipping Bot ~ connected to Hive and Wax ~🤖⛓️ LIVE in Beta

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Want to win tokens and NFTs from your favorite projects as you interact with an entertaining ChatGPT cybergirl?

Want to increase engagement in your Discord server AND add use cases to your project token and NFTs?

{ LIVE in public Beta }                                    

Our CYBERGIRLS are here for you!

After testing it in our Discord server and a couple of partners' servers, we are excited to announce the launch of our public Discord bot that utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT technology and is connected both to the Hive and Wax blockchains.

Our bot provides users access to a range of features and capabilities, including natural language processing and advanced conversational abilities. To unlock even more capabilities, users must hold a certain amount of our NFTs or specific thresholds of our token (in their wallet and/or in liquidity pools). This not only adds value to our tokens but also provides a tangible use case for it.

In addition, we are inviting partner projects to integrate our bot into their own Discord servers. By doing so, they will be able to increase engagement and add a valuable use case to their own project token and NFTs. We believe that our bot is a win-win for both our project and our partners and will bring more users into the web3 sphere.

ChatGPT generated intro

If you, any of our Partners, or interested Hive Projects would like add our Web3 ChatGPT Discord Bot please enter the Crypto-Shots Discord and ask one of our Moderators to assist you.

Our bot can be added to your #general channel and/or to another dedicated channel.


  • CHAT with the increasingly popular ChatGPT AI
     FREE  ❗❗            
 NFT or tokens stake required
  • DRAW AI-generated pictures
 NFT or tokens stake required
  • Win TIPS from all the projects that joined our Alliance by simply engaging with the chatbot
 NFT or tokens stake required
  • Win ultra-rare cybergirls NFTs that unlock on-chain and in-game features

  • Easily check your balance and stake with dedicated commands

  • Server owner/roles: TIP your project token to your Discord users
    If you tip them a Hive token and they don't have a Hive account, they can create it
    and then claim their prize!
          🐝⬅️🚪⬅️🚶     #Onboarding





When you hold the cybergirls NFTs in your wallet, you will be able to:


  • Blend (Wax) / hold (Hive) ALL Kiara NFTs = infinite match time in PVE mode
  • Blend/hold ALL KARINA NFTs = infinite health in PVE mode
  • Blend/hold ALL MARY NFTs = infinite ammo in PVE mode


  • Chat with that character in DMs
    (no logo on generated images, no reply size cap)

  • If you hold ALL Cybergirls, you're automatically a premium subscriber (usually costs 3K MARS)

MARS subscriptions perks: travel and preferences storage, ammo reset, ... [more coming!] --- currently available only on Wax


      Service subject to automated quality checks of your posts.

  • If you hold any cybergirl NFT, you can tag @karina.gpt anywhere in your Hive posts to get her insightful reply (one per post) that also includes her AI-generated image related to your post.

NOTE: use cases to be implemented in the coming weeks/months.



Below you can find examples of different types of Discord servers that added our bot, with different staking requirements.
eg. support for multiple blockchains, different type of tokens (ie. fungible Vs. NFT), in-game balances, liquidity pools, etc

- CRYPTO SHOTS - Discord server               #HIVE #WAX

Stake requirements:
- In-game stake of igBOOM and igMARS tokens (chain-agnostic until claimed)
- DOOM diesel pool (Hive) and BOOM liquidity pool (Wax)

By the way, our DIESEL POOL just launched: !

Conversational AI

Won Wax NFT

Unregistered Wax user

Won Wax token tip

!draw command

Missing stake to draw

Tipped $PROX by admin

Tipped Hive tokens by admin


Balance/stake check

Missing stake to win NFT

- THGgaming (Web3 Gaming Guild)               #HIVE #ETH

Stake requirements:
- Crypto Shots token (DOOM) balance and pool
- Partner token (THGAMING) balance and pool

Conversational AI

!draw command

Won Hive token tip


Won $PROX tip (chain agnostic)

Won Hive NFT

Hive token tips

Missing stake to win tips

Balance/stake check


- (Web3 accelerator/fund)           #HIVE #WAX #ETH

Stake requirements:
- In-game stake of igBOOM and igMARS tokens (chain-agnostic)
- DOOM diesel pool (Hive) and BOOM liquidity pool (Wax)
- No partner tokens/NFTs requirements

Conversational AI

!draw command

Won PROX tip
(chain-agnostic until claimed)


Won Wax NFT


Tipped $PROX by admin


Tipped $DOOM by admin


Missing stake to !draw


Balance/stake check



- Moon Mining (WAX game)               #WAX

Stake requirements:
- Crypto Shots in-game tokens and BOOM pool (Wax)
- Partner token (HEL) balance and pool

Conversational AI


Won Wax tip


Won Wax NFT


!draw command


Tipped $PROX by admin


Balance/stake check



Unregisterd user


Missing stake to draw


Missing stake for NFT prize


- Play2EarnTr (Web3 streams/reviews/magazine)               #WAX

Stake requirements:
- Crypto Shots Wax NFTs thresholds
- P2ETR Wax NFTs count

Conversational AI


Unregistered user


Won PROX tip (chain agnostic)


!draw command


Tipped PROX by admin


Won Wax NFT


Balance/stake check


Missing stake to win NFT



  • Besides the infinite time/life/ammo gaming digital asset, will the 3 Cybergirls be in the game?
    Yes! We plan to add them to our game lore.
  • Who designed them?
    Their images were generated by AI and picked after refining and iterating their design.
  • Do they change name every month when their picture changes?
    No, they don't. Only their skin/molt changes, and it can be won only during that month.
  • What's the max supply of their NFT?
    Each month MAX 50 will be minted on Wax and 20 on Hive. The minting window is open only for one month until the next edition comes out.

Hint: if a month there aren't many users around in ours and our partners' servers, it means that fewer CYBERGIRLS will ever be minted for that month, and they will therefore be more rare!

NOTE: some are currently being put up for sale for around $120 👉
(or not listed at all...)

All 3 AI-powered cybergirl bots have slightly different personalities and customizations.
Example: KARINA = chatty, short replies, playful, funny, casual, loves emojis,
medium chance prizes, low PROX tips, 4k BOOM staking requirement.

It will be up to you to discover the other CYBERGIRLS!

The Karina chatbot is available in all partner servers. KIARA and MARY instead are only in the Crypto Shots server... but don't worry, Karina tips all 3 types of cybergirl NFTs too 😎


  • Nice, so we're getting tipped some PROX too. But what is it?

PROX is our 3rd token gaming token.
You can currently pre-mine it with our Discord shooting minigame, and it will be issued as a gaming reward in the 4th and/or 5th level of the game (announcement will follow).


Once the pre-mine phase ends, as it occurred for BOOM and MARS, the players' balances will be accredited as an in-game token that can be redeemed every day after winning at least one match in the 3D Shooter.
Our in-game tokens are blockchain agnostic. When you claim them, how much of our Hive token Vs Wax token (Vs Eth-L2 token) you receive depends on how many NFTs you hold on each chain.

if you claim 10 igBoom and at that time 80% of your NFTs are on Hive, you receive 8 $DOOM [HIVE] and 2 $BOOM [WAX].

  • What other tokens currently exist in the game?

Our 1st and 2nd level of the game issue $DOOM rewards ($BOOM on Wax).
Our 3rd level issues $MARS (for now available only on Wax and coming soon to Hive).

Our $FOOD and $GAS tokens are resources that need to be spent to achieve your full earning potential and currently exist only on Wax. They will become available on Hive too, to complete/align our tokenomics on both chains.




  • The Crypto Shots mods can send small tips
    of PROX in any partner server.
  • The role(s) specified by the Discord server
    owner will be able to tip chunks of their token.



  • Users of Wax servers will get tipped mostly PROX (plus a low chance of Hive tips - need to have/create a Hive account to claim them).

  • Users of Hive servers 33% of the time will be tipped $DOOM, 33% of the time the token of that server (if any), and 33% of the time any other Hive partner token.

There is a pool staking requirement for Hive server users to win Hive token tips.
It usually requires users to stake in our pool and the partner server pool.



  • These are randomly automatically sent by the bot.
    Which one is sent depends on the rarity and the
    chances attributed to each one.

            WAX market,   HIVE market



Hive prizes (tokens and NFTs) can be claimed simply by providing your hive username in the !claim command.

For Wax prizes instead, whenever you try to execute a bot command, you will be prompted to link your Wax account in the Crypto Shots Discord, if you hadn't already. From that moment, you will be eligible to receive prizes at the address you provided.

Linking your Wax account also allows you to play our !shoot Discord minigame. For now, it only supports Wax NFTs, but it has been storing data in Hive since our birth in October 2021, and we plan to support Hive NFTs too in the future!


During the current bear market (yep, we're still in it - sorry) I noticed that my Discord server and many others in the web3 space were growing a bit quiet. I was going to be off for a few weeks for the birth of my 2nd child (yep, he's here 🥳), so I decided to develop 3 chatGPT bots that would interact with our users and do random flash giveaways like I used to.

Our users loved them, and our #general channel came alive again!
Our partners seemed interested too, so with a cross-marketing campaign in mind, I added their token to the staking requirements for the various capabilities and prizes.

We were considering getting listed in, @wagginston created a pool for DOOM and we were having discussions about adding rewards to the pool, so I said.. why don't I support these features in my new bots? 🤔

I kept building in the free time I had during my paternity leave, and here we are!


PS. new article:   WHY THIS BOT IS FOR YOU


You love the idea and would like to see a new feature implemented that gives additional use cases to ours and our partners' project tokens and NFTs? Let us know in the comments!


The January edition did not make it in time to be distributed in Discord servers, so we're gonna give them away here! 😱

--> 1x NFT to 10 random rebloggers
--> 1x NFT to 10 random upvoters
--> 1x NFT to 10 random commenters

Join ours or our partners' servers to win the February edition NFTs!


sniper (@keys-defender)
& the Crypto Shots team

          VOTE HERE           OUR TECH
- Witness in @keys-defender account
- Dedicated server maintained by @denny0105

Want to see the game catch up more on the HIVE side?
Show us your support!  For example, get our packs,
auto-vote our posts or vote our witness! 😎 👉
Bills and devs aren't free... 😅


Wow, a lot to get to. I want some of those Gals and I want to be able to call her for a comment.

I want some of those Gals

You can win them in these servers:


Every month all 3 change skins and that NFT stops being minted.

I want to be able to call her for a comment

Work in progress for users that own their NFT. I was thinking of only allowing posts though or it may get too spammy. Not fully decided yet though.

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Thanks! 😎🔥

WOW....lots of into, i'm lost!

Can someone throw that into chatgpt bot and ask it to summarise for me!
Looks like an awesome idea! We'd be interested in getting in on the action with yall!

We did, and that's how the intro was generated 😅

Joined your server

Well, admittedly, I managed to read about half before getting lost, so props to the bot!

Thanks for joining the server, I noticed the second post to this yesterday, will go back through and check the criteria or catch you over on discord! I know we don't have any slothbuzz liquid right now, but we'll work something out!

Very cool. Would love to get the bot for our discord server, but I'm afraid the $100 token fee if a showstopper for my little !LOLZ project as that would make you the #1 holder... lol. Would love to explore other options!


Dafuq @captaincryptic, you gotta stake more PIMP Tokens!
You need Stake at least 1000.000 PIMP power.
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Throwing acid is wrong
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When you have time Cowboy, come and chat with me about this!

This is sniper, I use this account. It was already on my list 😎👍

Oh killer, @jim-crypto been trying to link us for minute now😎

~~~ embed:1623869755017908225 twitter metadata:MTQ1NDI5Mzk4NDQ1MzU3MDU2Mnx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xNDU0MjkzOTg0NDUzNTcwNTYyL3N0YXR1cy8xNjIzODY5NzU1MDE3OTA4MjI1fA== ~~~

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Looks amazing althought why discord? I'll rather see this on telegram.

Good point, I'll add that to the future plans 😎👍

It is really an amazing thing to the ecosystem to enhance web3 traffic and activity.

This is such a brilliant idea, and so far we are loving the @cybergirls/@karina.gpt in the discord servers.

I have already won a few @cybergirls/@karina.gpt NFT's and cant wait to wins next months NFT's 😁

Well done @keys-defender 💪😎

PS. Congrats on your new born 😇

Great! im still discovering how to find them ...

"Karina"? I saw what you did there bro. Send me one so you can go to Kwangya xD

Not sure what you mean lol. It means "pretty" in Italian ahah (carina).

Looking forward to getting our Bot set up!


You must be killin' it out here!
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They're getting a workout and slapped 1/2 possible people today.


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5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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Support the curation account @ pgm-curator with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

Get potential votes from @ pgm-curator by paying in PGM, here is a guide

I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

What to you call it when you think about eating cheese?
A ques-idea.

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All tests passed, let's get it live 😎

This is an aweosome bot! Like a real person. Good job! 😋


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Send $PIZZA tips in Discord via!

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When I reached the BOT USAGE section of this post I noticed that the images appeared at a reduced size and that tables were not used.

I know that we cannot make our own CSS, but there is a limited set of CSS which we can use to enhance our content on Hive. While viewing the raw Markdown/HTML codes using Hiveblocks I also noticed that you were able to include a large number of classes inside a <span> element.

Would you be able to provide the link/URL to the post containing the CSS and formatting codes you were able to use in the BOT USAGE section? I know about pulling content to left or right, but there are other formattting and CSS techniques normally unavailable to most content creators here.

Thanks in advance.

large number of classes inside a element

Oh, sometimes I hide stuff in CSS classes if (they're not sensitive,) I don't want to display them and want to find them later on.

Eg. <span class="## chat, draw, win tips, win nfts, owner tips, balance/stake ##"></span>

This was just a self-reminder while i was writing the post.

images appeared at a reduced size and that tables were not used

It's all a combination of pull-left/right, even nested between them.
I did not use a guide, mostly practice writing posts (and I'm a dev so i worked a bit on frontend stuffs too).

Thanks for taking time to respond. I haven't used "pull-left"/"pull-right", but I've seen a few posts discussing them. I'll locate them somehow and see if they go into otherr CSS classes accessible to bloggers.

Would appreciate if you dropped here a good one - there's always stuff to learn 💪