My Entry For The Ecency Art Contest

in Feel Good3 years ago

Today, me and my sister decided to team up and make a piece of art to submit into this contest. Getting a little creative, I decided it would be a great idea if we cut two pieces of paper out, one with the Ecency logo and the other with some text saying to join Ecency. We then put a string, with the logo attached to it into the ducks mouth (that was harder an it looks) and taped the paper with the text on it to the ducks chest. In the picture my sister holds the duck as it makes this adorable little look into the camera. After taking the photo, she painted it, the painting is what I want to submit into the contest.



quack quack

A real duck to help with your art! You are the cleverest kids on Hive! This is awesome! Be sure and put your link onto the contest post!

That's a great picture my friend. I hope you win the art contest.

Nice idea I'm impressed you got the duck to participate 😁

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