The day I flew to Singapore alone

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On 30th October, it was my first time flying out of the country without husband and the kids. I was yippee-ing because I was going to meet my parents and sister at Singapore (they were flying there too from another state), at the same time, I missed the husband and boys too. Nevertheless, it was a trip I was looking forward to. It all started when my father voiced out his desire to travel to Singapore to meet his eldest sister whom he had not met for 20+ years. I did not want my parents to go there by themselves, so I decided to fly.

Flying to Singapore!!!

What an experience flying alone. Husband said I must take a solo picture.

We reached airport earlier so that we could eat lunch together. We had some toast, half-boiled eggs, 'nasi lemak' and coffee.

Soon, it was time to bid goodbye to husband. Off I went into the boarding room.

I got some time to myself, just relaxing around while taking some photos.

Landed at Singapore

I chose the arrival time almost close to my parents so that we could meet at Changi Airport to take cab together. I was so excited to meet my parents because I missed them so much.

I love everything about Singapore airport and this was only Terminal 4 with the least stuff.

Here we were, together!

There, I saw my parents. They saw me too. We were so happy!!! Let's wefie!!!

All three of us were super hungry since it was lunch time. We decided to have lunch at the airport.

My father had mee rebus, my mum had chicken rice and I had Thai beef noodles. All so yummy.

Then, we took a cab to my Aunt's house which took about half an hour.

At Aunt's house

This was my father's sister, not the Aunt I usually visited on Saturday who is my father-in-law's sister.

Immediately, when we reached her house, she stuffed us with more food. Lol....

We were so happy to meet one another. Aunt said I had not changed face? Hmm? Serious? I took that as a compliment.

Then, we talked non-stop from 2pm-7pm. Wow!!!! I was a great time together, of course!!! After 7pm, we walked out for dinner. I shall continue the dinner's posting for another time.


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Must have been a super wonderful time catching up with relatives, especially your own 姑姑 (dad's sis) .
My mom also had a sis in Singapore but because of her health and I have been super busy we didn't get to meet her until it was too late, she passed away last year, 3 months after my uncle (mom's brother) passing.

The last time my mom called her she couldn't recognise her voice anymore (dementia) . It was not easy for my mom.

The only consolation was my mom managed to see her a decade earlier when she travelled to Malaysia with her kids.

It is good to catch up while time and health still permits! Kudos your parents still managed to fly by themselves and meet you there!

I wonder is Yakun still functioning in Singapore? It's been almost 2 decades I last tasted the good Yakun coffee.

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Looks like the food was awesome!


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