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RE: Having an autoimmune disease in Covid Times in the Philippines

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Yes, I wouldn't tell you that you have a rough life because you already knew it. It just caught my attention by what the doctor said to you. It was so meaningful but it's hard to understand. But I'm happy knowing you're enjoying life even in the hardest.

I just hope you will still enjoy life even though people are starting to go out because the quarantine was lifted.

Good post, I'll tweet so that people will know how thankful we are to have the life we have now.


Thank you for your kind words. The story with the glass was a real eye opener to me. And believe me, I'm now enjoying every second of my life (okay, minus a couple of seconds ... hahahaha). I'm aware for me the next coming months will be hard. Seeing everyone out and being stuck here. But like I said ... Better days will come. I decided to write this very personal post to give people a boost, help them to conquer their struggles. My message is try to enjoy life at fullest. Take care and stay healthy!

It's well written, can I invite you to the discord server of hiveph community? I feel like I will be having fun talking to you. Just hoop-in anytime you like.