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Being involved in Professional Wrestling for the last 30 years has enabled me to visit extraordinary places, and create memories I'll cherish for a lifetime. It’s also allowed me to meet some amazing people I’d never have had the chance to meet, let alone become friends with. However, it’s also afforded me to meet some NOT so amazing people.

I’ve been approached countless times from people with visions of grandeur. Those thinking they’re going to be the biggest wrestling company in the world toppling the superpower known as the WWE. Running events in big arenas when their usually monthly shows draw less than 75 people. Taking their local promotion on tour to different states with their local talent who 99.99% of wrestling fans have never heard of. Most of these people are decent and good hearted with great intentions but don’t realize just how tough the pro wrestling business can be. Or, and this is the worst, have been completely taken advantage of and lied to by scummy people.

It’s for this reason I only do business with people I have worked with before or people who friends of mine will vouch for. So let’s fast forward to Thanksgiving time last year. I got a call from “Bookerman”. This isn’t his real name but I’m not sure if his real name is public or not and I’m too lazy to send him a 15 second text message to ask. The woo community will know who I’m talking about.

After the initial 5 minute introductory period he started telling me about Wrestling Organization Online (woo). Now I’ve been approached numerous times the past couple years about people developing video games so my guard is up and I’m already thinking this is bullshit. He’s talking about an online video game, block chain, NFTs. He mentioned bitcoin and some community called hive. But then he mentioned he didn’t want to be just another “promoter” who would take advantage of the wrestlers and screw them over and he wanted to leave wrestling better than he found it. We chatted for about 30 minutes and he said he’d email me some things to look over. I called a friend of mine whose name came up in the conversation and he told me some things that Bookerman had done to help a friend of mine and after hearing that I was sold.

I wasn’t sure what being a WOO partner meant exactly but I was ready to find out.

I watched a really good documentary called “Freechain” about the beginnings of HIVE and Justin Sun. What a fascinating story and it’s stuff you couldn't make up. Be sure to check it out when it’s publicly available.


I joined the discord and started reading up on everything I could. I got my HIVE wallet set up and off I went. I got myself some WOO cards and finally just recently played my first match. I got my clock cleaned but it was fun. I’ll definitely be doing it again once the game gets going for real. Anybody wanna challenge me? I did an AMA on Discord with Bookerman, Perry Saturn & Justin Credible which was a lot of fun as I hadn’t spoken to Perry in about 20 years. I started writing these blogs as a way for me to share my stories but also to refresh all these memories I had buried deep in my brain. A bonus is people seem to enjoy them. We have Wrestlecon coming up in April and will be publicly debuting the WOO & HIVE Championship Belts there. These belts are really cool looking too by the way. If they looked like crap I’d have told them so. 🙂

But what I’ve enjoyed so much about WOO & the HIVE community is getting to know some really cool people. Can’t wait to meet some of them at Wrestlecon and some other events that’ll come up this year.

I know this wasn't really a wrestling blog but that'll happen every now and then. Lol




I'm really glad you found Hive, and WOO :) I've not really been active in the game due to it needing fast Internet, but I do love the concept, and did a couple of lore posts. Welcome to Hive, and thank you for entertaining us fans 🤝

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How did Bookerman ended up with you? Was it through the connection you contacted?
And woo was it? ;D

Great write-up!

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Bookerman reached out to me on twitter.

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But what I’ve enjoyed so much about WOO & the HIVE community is getting to know some really cool people.

For real. There is a LOT of heart in this diverse community of ours on Hive. That's really what sets Hive apart from all the other crypto hype bullshit out there—it's rooted in real people sharing real interests, passion, and energy. That's what the tech was built to support: community. Not a play to replace "real money" or try to take down Facebook. Just a new way to use new tech to support natural human behaviour.

As we mature and figure out all the other ways the new tech can evolve, the community of real people will always be the foundation. Other chains certainly have communities (and strong ones), but the tech is rarely built for community at the core.

Glad you found your way here, looking forward to reading more.

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I'm really excited about the potential growth for this community. It honestly sells itself. Just need to get the word out!