WOO Holiday Zealy Event

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🎁WOO Holiday Zealy Event 🎄

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Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the most exciting holiday extravaganza of the year! Let's make December unforgettable as Wrestling Organization Online combines the power of wrestling with the magic of the season. Get ready to rumble, jingle, and celebrate – because in WOO, the holidays are bigger, bolder, and full of body slams! 🎄


December 16th - 30th

Start: 11:00am EST
Ends: 8:00pm EST

What is Zealy?

Zealy is mission board where community members can earn Prizes by completing quests or daily actions. Members are tasked with quests like interacting with socials, writing articles, posting memes, and more! Rank top on the monthly leaderboard for your shot at WOO prizes.

Join Here - OFFICIAL WOO Zealy

Quests for December

A sneak peek at upcoming categories

Art Inspired


Show us your best WOO inspired Christmas Card!


Picasso makes a return! We love your art that much.

Hive Minded


Delegating daily will help you increase APR% while allowing us to curate your content!



A newer category that will be stuffed with surprise tasks this month!

WOO Holiday Zealy - December

🎁 December Sprint Prizes 🎄

🥇 1st place: 10,000 WOOBUCKS + 1 WOOPARTSUN pack

🥈 2nd place: 5,000 WOOBUCKS + 1 WOOSATURN

🥉 3rd place: 2,000 WOOBUCKS + 1 WOOALPHA

🏅 4th: 1,500 WOOBUCKS + 1 WOOALPHA

5th: 1,000 WOOBUCKS

6th: 750 WOOBUCKS

7th: 500 WOOBUCKS

8th: 250 WOOBUCKS

9th: 250 WOOBUCKS

10th: 250 WOOBUCKS

Don't miss out this month and be sure to bring your best to show the community WOO is boss!

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