Sunshine and Rainbows for a Beautifull Sunday

double rainbow

We have had several storms and rain showers move through this week, and my son sent me these photos of a rainbow they saw from their city balcony. I love that even during these days when we are all still remaining apart we are able to keep in instant contact with each other!


On this long storm the Rainbow rose—
On this late Morn—the Sun—
The clouds—like listless Elephants—
Horizons—straggled down—

The Birds rose smiling, in their nests—
The gales—indeed—were done—
Alas, how heedless were the eyes—
On whom the summer shone!- Emily Dickinson


My daughter stopped by yesterday and brought me this delightful pot of sunflowers! We chatted through the doorway and she handed out treats to her backyard friends!


I am not sure how long the sunflowers are going to last. The birds and the critters are taking quite an interest in them today.



Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


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❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Very Beautiful :)


You are welcome friend ;)

So beautiful. May the storm pass quickly and you will see the rainbow again. We wish you a very pleasant weekend.

Thank you! I hope your weekend has been wonderful also.

I love those rainbow photos !

I thought it was fun to see a city rainbow!

We having quite a bit of rain and no luck for a rainbow for me.

I hope a rainbow appears for you after the next rain!

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Beautiful pictures my dear. Have a wonderful week 🥰

Thanks, luv! If another rainy afternoon here. The temperatures have been really hot and then we end up with an afternoon thunderstorm the lots of thunder and lightning.,, Today we are getting buckets of rain. Maybe it will cool the temperatures down just a bit.

I hope the rain refreshes a little. Here have also been rainy days

Awesome shot of the double rainbow. I hope your lockdown opens a bit so you can at least have your children visit. At least your daughter can visit while keeping a distance and check on the little critters.

We are in phrase four here and by July 3 the borders between the Atlantic provinces will be opened so one doesn’t have to quarantine when travelling between them. My sister (lives in Nova Scotia) will be happy as she will finally be able to go to her cottage in N.B. without the 14 day quarantine.

Finally we are getting a nice rain and it’s cooling down.

Have a lovely week ahead Melinda and I hope your weather cools down.

Thanks! I saw a news headlines saying that borders were going to reopen between the Eastern provinces and my first thought was of your sister. I'm so glad she will get to spend some summertime days at the cabin.

It was wicked hot here this morning, and right now we are getting a thunderstorm with lots of rain and lightning, and it has cooled off a little bit. But it looks like it is supposed to get hot again tomorrow and stay that way for the foreseeable future! My MS keeps me indoors when it gets too hot outside., so I try to get out early and then spend the hot part of the day in the air conditioning!

It’s suppose to rain for a few days here but the humidity might be high. I’m surprised we didn’t get a thunderstorm after the hot weather..

Take care Melinda and be safe. ❤️

Double rainbow! So intense! 🤣🌈🌈

Seriously, awesome captures from both you and your son. I'm wicked jelly of the catbird snap - I actually saw one again for the first time in years last week, sitting outside my bedroom window, but by the time I grabbed my camera he'd flown off. Apparently he was in a rush to go visit you! 😊

Full on double rainbow! What does it mean? 🌈😁

I have lots of catbirds around, especially right now with all the new youngsters around. I have another picture in today's FF post. Oh, speaking of Feathered Friends do you care if I offer that mod spot to one of the active community members? Since I just kind of plopped it on top-of of you without asking, I'm going to assume that your feelings will not be hurt! 😏❤️

Exactly! 😁🌈

I just saw your latest post, and I'm jelly all over! And most definitely - please feel free to bump me out of that mod spot pronto. I'm still so honored that you thought of me to begin with, and I feel bad that I still haven't gotten around to figuring out much about the communities...I blame Twitter... 🤣 ❤️ 🤗

You have a much better grasp on Twitter then I have on communities! I am so grateful for @acidyo's support in helping Feathered Friends grow! Maybe someday I will actually figure out the most effective way to use Communities, but Twitter! Most likely I will never understand that, but at least I know who to ask for help there! 😘