Mipiano having a Sunday siesta...for some reason waking up after some minutes... having a message... closing the eyes as the siesta was too short, but no means to sleep again. Let's check out hive... Hive Open Mic week...daily jam...spread the vibes-toilet brushes...hive finacial statistics... wait, what? go back! spread the vibes? published just a few minutes ago!?!?!

Finally :)
Is it enough to say finally? :D

First reaction laughing out, what toilet brushes have to do with music, but I see now (btw listening to the shared music by Nils while funny is he, but how GREAT sound is this??? ) Oh my God, you waited so much time to show us this fantastic mister unconventional pianist! Thank you

This is absolutely beautiful, I stopped writing as I want to listen to the whole track and read again the post...

Until now I am amazed with his expression...his playing, with the total of the cosmic sounds coming out from my poor laptop!

A proper response will come, you know I even don't have to promise, but, first of all THANK YOU for making this awesome response! Thank you for inviting the whole HIVE population! Thank you for inviting @uwelang (come on UweLang, this is the third invitation coming your way to this challenge ;D ) for inviting @ylich (well, Ruso, I think third invitation as well :P ) and @mammasitta, to whom goes also one more thank you from me as well, getting Edje to hive (learning this fact know)

I am at minute 39 of the video, so my comment writing lasted that long?
He plays amazingly well!!!! minute 41 and I am still here :)

And will come back if I forgot something to say, and probably a ton of things I missed out to mention :D

Welcome back to the world, after your Sunday afternoon siesta :)

WOW... Already an absolute great response Piano Lady!
Super super super glad you like this guy so much!
The toilet brushes are in the Night of the Proms, the Montreaux recordings and some others as well in his YT channel.
And yes, it took a LOT of time to get to this post. During a 8 oe so weeks period, have listened more than a few of his recording from beginning to end including a variety of albums on Spotify that I never listened, to try and get the right recording for the post. The one I selected I discovered only a week or two ago.
....soooooooo finally with capital letters: FINALLY 😂😂😂
Was hoping the Dekmantel guys (high profile electronic festival in my country) had Nils in their program, searched for it for quite some time, but apparently they didn't invited him. Though I dont know Dimensions festival too much, it seems to me, they have a similar approach to their events as Dekmantel does. Basically: stay away from popular, but program quality electronic artists + adding extraordinaire musicians to their program, like Nils.

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So, as I mentioned, a longer response will come. In a separate post... maybe :)

But to let you know, listened to all the links, (just not to the SoundCloud one from the "intermezzo" paragraph - btw, love this invention of putting an intermezzo 🙌 ) However, I listened to the version from the YouTube of Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax 🕺 as you said it was better. Prepared again for scenery description? Well, Mipiano has headphones and smiles all the time while hearing the sound effects, the expectations parts, and immense sound in the final section of the track. 😃

Everything else from Nils will not be written here in the comment section.

I started to practice for my response. My last one, that you responded to with this post, needed a lot of time. I really practiced a lot to learn it and get it into a decent phase. I hope with the piece I have now in my mind and started studying, I will get prepared faster. I hope.

And, again, if I forgot something, I will come back tomorrow 🤣

Weehoo: so pleased you like the Frankie Goes to Hollywood one... Do you know the original? Back then a hit, at least in my book {lol}
Practice time: I do hope for you this one will take much less time, such an amount of effort you put into the other one is amazing, but leaves you no time for anything else in life. but, the result of the last one was (and still is) super!

Yes, know the original, of course, listened to it thousands of times. Though I was not sure about the video clip, so watched it now :D

And, listened again to the remix 🤩

Practice time! The piece is so stuck in my head already, was tempted to send you the spoiler hahaha, the original song but the clip is soooooo nice that after watching it, my humble contribution will seem so bad. And also, it has to be a surprise, so not to spoil the reaction, I decided not to say you what it will be 🦄

Positive tension building up! 🙃


Let me know when the five hundred page thing becomes too stressful so some positive music vibe spreading would come handy 😁

the truth, didnt start yet, all sort of other stuff passing by... guess next week is gonna be lots and lots of reading, digesting and analysing

Thanks for reminding @mipiano - I do have a creative bottom these days and need the little of it for my job these days but I promise I will do sth on this challenge in October @edje

October sounds great! Birthday party = Great music? Perfect trigger for ideas and for Spread the Vibes response 😇

True, October is my birthday month :-) fingers crossed I feel good enough

Fingers crossed 🤞🤞

Yes! - Love this:

Don't you love it when artists are not stuck in their own tunnels?

I really like the idea of bridging electronic and classical music! I was aware of Nils Frahm already of course and that concert has been one that has inspired me a lot. I have dabbled with combining piano playing with electronic music created with my modular synth a little - but there is soo much more I could and would like to explore in that direction.

I hadn't seen that interview with him before though - thanks for sharing!


I try I try to get the “Wanting to socialize again Bug”
This time I might have to thank you to get me back into the groove. Please keep tagging and inspiring me and please meet my sweet friend launching in Ibiza right now. @heryanna might like your initiative!

I will always keep you crazy, don‘t worry 🔥🌪💃✈️🌺

Ibiza will give all back to you - inspiration, magic, motivation, divine feminine, everything!

will do 🙇


Whenever the composition becomes 'heavy' you see the piano shaking.

Well, this piece definitely needs a grand piano to be performed on.

Wondering if the recording equipment sitting on the piano ever attempted to fall to the ground while rehearsing?

Not just attempted ;)

Not just attempted

😂😂😂 the wandering equipment!

Hahah, did you see in the Sad Sunday post that the image was shaking a bit? 🤦🏻‍♀️😅

no, I didn't. listened to the recording without watching the vid. but now I did watch. indeed, not really shaking but moving around. guess the camera had a mind of its own :)

the camera had a mind of its own :)



Yeah, so much mind of its own that today it (phone) tried to fly again... It believed that had wings 🤣

Just replaced the screen protector a few days ago 🤦🏻‍♀️
Now cracked again 🙄

think 🎶 and accept he cracks... {how unfortunate}


Way too many tabs opened; 18 tabs just for this post.


Does your laptop work faster now?

Edit: typo correction... actually a grammar error 🙄

yea, my Brave browser is much quicker again, and my laptop fans are not going crazy anymore. had about 150 tabs open in Brave, now reduced to about 40 or 50. still too much, but half of them I use multiple times a day, the remaining are all short term todo stuff.

had about 150 tabs open in Brave, now reduced to about 40 or 50

Still a lot... but 150? Ugh, must have been an exhausting experience for your laptop 😅

HIVE, researching, trading... Have 3 other browsers as well for specific tasks with another set of 50+ tabs :)

I imagined that it was not just Brave ! Just one browser with 50+ is not enough 😁





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"Music shares without a personal touch is just music that we can find anywhere on the internet. Cool in itself: But won’t we appreciate music more when something personal is added?"

This is exactly my current approach to music @davidbolu34.

Originality, Creativity and Musicality of content. So as to be a part of spread the vibes.

I'm always inspired by amazing super music stars. @mipiano @edje and my others

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Wow so freaking talented. Music is literally everywhere 😉

Music is literally everywhere

Absolutely :)

so freaking talented

He is. Since he crossed my path, or I'm his, or something like that, his works are well played in my Soundcloud and Spotify. Not too often, but then again, I don't seem to find the time to listen too much music anyways. Cant listen to music while working. Sure I can, but I miss out on the experience I like to get from listening cool music.

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