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RE: Spread the Vibes: Toilet Brushes and Music

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Welcome back to the world, after your Sunday afternoon siesta :)

WOW... Already an absolute great response Piano Lady!
Super super super glad you like this guy so much!
The toilet brushes are in the Night of the Proms, the Montreaux recordings and some others as well in his YT channel.
And yes, it took a LOT of time to get to this post. During a 8 oe so weeks period, have listened more than a few of his recording from beginning to end including a variety of albums on Spotify that I never listened, to try and get the right recording for the post. The one I selected I discovered only a week or two ago.
....soooooooo finally with capital letters: FINALLY 😂😂😂
Was hoping the Dekmantel guys (high profile electronic festival in my country) had Nils in their program, searched for it for quite some time, but apparently they didn't invited him. Though I dont know Dimensions festival too much, it seems to me, they have a similar approach to their events as Dekmantel does. Basically: stay away from popular, but program quality electronic artists + adding extraordinaire musicians to their program, like Nils.

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So, as I mentioned, a longer response will come. In a separate post... maybe :)

But to let you know, listened to all the links, (just not to the SoundCloud one from the "intermezzo" paragraph - btw, love this invention of putting an intermezzo 🙌 ) However, I listened to the version from the YouTube of Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax 🕺 as you said it was better. Prepared again for scenery description? Well, Mipiano has headphones and smiles all the time while hearing the sound effects, the expectations parts, and immense sound in the final section of the track. 😃

Everything else from Nils will not be written here in the comment section.

I started to practice for my response. My last one, that you responded to with this post, needed a lot of time. I really practiced a lot to learn it and get it into a decent phase. I hope with the piece I have now in my mind and started studying, I will get prepared faster. I hope.

And, again, if I forgot something, I will come back tomorrow 🤣

Weehoo: so pleased you like the Frankie Goes to Hollywood one... Do you know the original? Back then a hit, at least in my book {lol}
Practice time: I do hope for you this one will take much less time, such an amount of effort you put into the other one is amazing, but leaves you no time for anything else in life. but, the result of the last one was (and still is) super!

Yes, know the original, of course, listened to it thousands of times. Though I was not sure about the video clip, so watched it now :D

And, listened again to the remix 🤩

Practice time! The piece is so stuck in my head already, was tempted to send you the spoiler hahaha, the original song but the clip is soooooo nice that after watching it, my humble contribution will seem so bad. And also, it has to be a surprise, so not to spoil the reaction, I decided not to say you what it will be 🦄

Positive tension building up! 🙃


Let me know when the five hundred page thing becomes too stressful so some positive music vibe spreading would come handy 😁

the truth, didnt start yet, all sort of other stuff passing by... guess next week is gonna be lots and lots of reading, digesting and analysing

In Spain "mañana" (tomorrow) never means that something will really happen tomorrow 🤣

Not this case related, but just for curiosity: (in general - I don't like generalization 😂 but) is there something similar in your country? Are people in general more responsible and fulfill the promises on time?

I guess it depends on the person. I think Dutch are usually more on time compared to other cultures.
That said: I'm ALWAYS on time with official commitments, but I usually start working very late. For a reason though: I create my best work under pressure, and the best pressure is time pressure. Setting deadlines for myself doesn't work. Setting deadlines by others, works, especially in business. A deadline is for instance a meeting with the customer. Or an offer at date xyz. In private life, I usually am late arriving at friends since usually, it doesn't matter too much. But when someone is waiting for dinner at exactly abc hrs, I make sure I'm always on time.
In essence, the more important it is for the other person(s) that I deliver in time, the more strict I am delivering on time.
I think I'm different to the average Dutch person though. Most don't want to work under lots of pressure, whilst I create the best results under such pressure.