You will not regret, I hope :))

Oh... how fast time flies!

I mean, it took me so long to write my impression of listening to Partita no.2.

I like it!
I listened with my eyes closed and that's what's interesting (for me) it was the first time for me!!! when listening, I clearly "saw" a dancing ballerina, with every beat of her movement.
No, I'm not crazy! :-)

I am glad you did it! I almost forgot about this post, but yes, partita of Bach with its Chaconne can not be forgotten :)

Oh, visualisation from music!! Perfect 😍 A ballerina is so elegant, like the music composed by Bach 🎶

I am so glad you articulated your thoughts about this piece, and no, you are not crazy :) You just relaxed and enjoyed the sounds 😇

I like to listen to music while relaxing and not being distracted by anything else :-)