It could have been a Sad Sunday post...

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but it's not!!

I can not even recall when my last #SadSunday post was written. Two or three months ago, or more? Maybe it would be better to check it and give the correct answer instead of guessing. {mipiano away from writing- searching for her last Sad Sunday post}. Oh, more than I thought. The date by the last post with this tag says October 17, 2021. All this time without sadness, and a trigger to be inspired for a Sad Sunday one. And you know what? Mother Nature is really trying hard. Trying her best to convert these droplets into tears, but not today for me. It is just the rain on the windshield of my car, while I waited at the traffic light. Do you see a little red shade in the lower-left corner? That is the light that made me stop so this photo could be born. Eight in the morning, and I was heading to my piano-playing gig.

IMG_20220123_080635.jpg say it's a blurry photo?

Yeah, I know, maybe it is, so just in case it can not be seen what it represents, a photo from the side window is coming too. So, it is rain:


{damn, this photo is half blurry too}

Anyway, forget all of these photo-taking attempts by me, as we are here to talk about something else. You guess, right? Music, of course. So, while I was driving to the sunny hotel place, the radio station decided to please my ears with music by Bach. Johann Sebastian Bach, and the last movement from composition Partita no.2 for violin, in D minor. - Chaconne!!

I just remembered how much I love this piece. Listened to it so many times but it always gives enjoyment. The sublimity of Bach's music can evoke complex feelings in us - unlimited joy and pleasure in infinity from its perfect harmony. Yes, that is the perfection that this baroque composer has achieved. We, musicians, are just trying to bring it somehow with our interpretation. Nemanja Radulović will try to present Chaconne now to all of us. Live performance, so there is some noise from the audience and noise coming from his way of interpretation.

When I arrived at my destination some 15-20 minutes later, the rain already stopped. The sun was hidden behind the clouds, but still giving hope it can be a sunny Sunday {so far it is still not clear weather when I write this post}. This composition Chaconne was still in my mind, as it has a piano version too. Ferruccio Busoni, an Italian composer, and pianist transcribed it to the piano. There are many good performances, but Evgeny Kissin, being one of my favorite pianists gives a good insight into how Busoni made shine this Bach's work, originally written for violin. The full pianistic approach represents that majestic perfection Bach had in his mind. I recommend listening to the full composition, I know it is almost 15 minutes long, but it's worth spending time on.

Of, course I didn't play in the hotel this piece. This piece, as you can hear is at other levels, academic levels. In the hotel, during the breakfast, another kind of repertory goes, not classical. Still, I received a very pleasing comment today, from some nice people... that I was the best part of that breakfast experience. Blinks from my side, as that felt so good. But who knows if that was the truth or they just tried to sound cordial. Anyway, with that message, no chance a real #SadSunday can come! Even the view would not let me do that.



...instead of a conclusion ... would anyone like to have fun? Guess what's in the glass game?


Great! Today, during my playing break, I chose one smoothie drink. It contains 4 ingredients. It may not be easy to guess from the first time, so the number of attempts is unlimited until the first person guesses the ingredients of this drink. If it is too difficult, I will help with some hints. So while listening to Bach (you listening to music, right?) who likes, can start guessing the ingredients. You know, a small tip will go to the first person who gives the answer what are those four ingredients! Have fun!




I will try one of these days to listen to Partita no.2

You will not regret, I hope :))

Oh... how fast time flies!

I mean, it took me so long to write my impression of listening to Partita no.2.

I like it!
I listened with my eyes closed and that's what's interesting (for me) it was the first time for me!!! when listening, I clearly "saw" a dancing ballerina, with every beat of her movement.
No, I'm not crazy! :-)

I am glad you did it! I almost forgot about this post, but yes, partita of Bach with its Chaconne can not be forgotten :)

Oh, visualisation from music!! Perfect 😍 A ballerina is so elegant, like the music composed by Bach 🎶

I am so glad you articulated your thoughts about this piece, and no, you are not crazy :) You just relaxed and enjoyed the sounds 😇

I like to listen to music while relaxing and not being distracted by anything else :-)

When we talk about Sad, this is Sad indeed "Eight in the morning, and I was heading to my piano-playing gig." {LOLOLOLOL}

"that I was the best part of that breakfast experience" Do they serve that bad a breakfast? {LOLOLOLOL}

Drink: its this funny hippy/'healthy' grassroots stuff. Must be!

Indeed, could be seen as a sad thing :)

Do they serve that bad a breakfast?

To be honest, no, they don't serve a bad breakfast at all. I have never seen so many different and diverse and fancy kinds of food and all, in one place. And for breakfast! But it was strange from the beginning why at the entrance instead of Hotel there is an inscription Lunatic Home... I thought it was just a mistake, but it's confirmed now, people with irrational thinking had breakfast there and didn’t know what they were talking about actually.

Drink: according to the described place, not a hotel at all :))

people with irrational thinking had breakfast there and didn’t know what they were talking about actually.

Owww am sooo sorry! But it is pretty funny 😂😂😂

Yes, I agree. They were funny and somehow odd, I really don't know how I didn't realize immediately where I was actually...must be that they put me something on that green drink.
My advice: if you ever go to a nice place, but you have the smallest doubt, don't accept anything as you can have a similar experience as I. It's a serious thing!

Am not at all for all-seriousness so either, skip such place, or get them away from all-seriousness 😆

I will make them laugh the next time, not an easy task 😁

The violin version is awesome! And it is a little sad, so you managed just a little bit.

Oh Bach... I never enjoyed playing it :p

Never enjoyed playing Bach? 😱 😅
Most of my students either... baroque polyphony is not easy when it already gets a bit difficult. I think I liked it, the same as the rest of the composers. There was just one thing I didn't like, one Beethoven variations that I got to play when I changed the teacher (actually I didn't like her hahaha so much so poor Beethoven was my victim)

Sad Sunday managed ✅ :)

Im going to go straight for the game my guess is spinach, apple, pineapple and.... ginger

very, very, very close to the right answer... three ingredients matching!!!

Okay, okay, I think I have it

Spinach, apple, pineapple and........


YES, the missing ingredient was CELERY!!!

Spinach, apple, pineapple and celery 👌


a small tip will fly to your wallet right now :)

Celery, I should have known that at the start. Celery is great for juices and smoothies because there is so much liquid in them.

Nice. Thank you!
That was fun. 😁

Yay, I am glad it brought some fun 😎

Maybe next Sunday I will have another, a different one for the purpose of a possible game hehe. Though, I liked this spinach-apple-pineapple-celery one too!

So nice of them to comment on your playing. It lifts you up… and definable brightens the day ☀️

Let’s play.. I would say Kale, apple, Spirulina and banana 😎

Yep, brightens the day even when clouds and rain are here :)

Game: you have one match :)

Then I would say: kale, spinach, cucumber and carrot. 🤓

(Apple is the same as apple juice right?)

I would accept apple as apple juice and vice versa :)

Oh, now again just one correct, but not that one correct 😂😂


Kale, mango, blue berries and kiwi. 🤓

So, no kale, but the other fruit that matched with bertimismaximus :D

Additional help, too all people who would take part: two of the ingredients are fruits and two we consume as veggies ( one the leafy one and the last one.. this one will be difficult indeed... 😁 )

Difficult… 🤓
Spinach, apple, pineapple and broccoli?

three matches ... as same as leaky20 :)

the last one... what to do with the last one...?
It is maybe insignificant... but it has a specific taste... and not ginger...

I think I leave all you suffer a bit more until tomorrow if nobody gives the match during the night {bad me} 😁

edit: as I forgot to finish my last sentence 😂
Good night @littlebee4 😴

This piece was very famous among my music teachers! In fact, the teacher who taught me music said that this was the most difficult piece he had ever played in his guitar adaptation.
Looks like it was a very nice day @mipiano! The photos of the rain convey so much peace and joy to me.
If I had to guess what the smoothie is made of I think it might be green mango, watercress, and maybe some citrus like lemon or orange? Of I don't know 😆😆 I don't usually make smoothies of that species.

Famous and difficult at the same time! Very hard, indeed. My university teacher played it when I was already a student, at a concert and I was there to give my moral support, as she felt it too overwhelming.

Guessing game: no matches in your guessing, not even one 😅

I thought that first shot was an underwater one at first! Really cool effects!

Hmmmmmm - maybe kale, spinach, apple juice, mango in the green smoothie?

I liked those raindrops! Also, they asked me to be immortalized in that photo :D

Cool, you are taking part in the guessing game! 😎
Well, you have guessed two right ingredients out of four, but I will not say which ones are right :)

Hey there... I really liked this post. I can totally relate to the feeling of a sad-sad weekend.

Btw, did you know that Bach once served about a month in prison for quitting his job? :s

Hi there, thanks for your visit :)

Hahaha, no, I didn't know that! Bach in prison? Oh my, and he had to feed so many children... :D

Wow Partita No 2 is so melancholic!!! I am sure someone found out about what's in the smoothie already haha.

Ah, yes, Leaky already found it lol!!!

Hope your gig went well, cheers!

Yes, leaky20 nailed it :))

The gig goes well there, it's calm and during breakfast hahaha so I enjoy it too, despite the fact it is Sunday morning, but that is what it is. At least, something started after so long time.

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Sounds great!! 👌

Life, magic and pipe, you have been focused on nice things :))

All is well here too, glad to hear from you 😎