REVIVED! The best collection of Hive apps and tools is here and looking for your help!

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I'm proud to announce that the Hive Projects website is finally revived and even improved after some intensive work. Hive Projects is the place where you can find all Hive-powered apps and tools with excessive descriptions and details. I believe it is one of the most significant websites in the ecosystem, connecting social users, developers, app owners, and witnesses.

It was originally published right after "The Great Hardfork" but unfortunately disabled because of its author's health issues. The previous version of the website was lost as well as its database. I've managed to get the domain, and to prevent that kind of situation in the future, I've introduced multiple changes in the codebase and infrastructure.

Improvements and fixes

Automatic database and files backup to S3

Everyday particular docker service is making a database dump and files backup archive and uploads it to S3. It is secure and highly available file storage. We can restore the website state any time using those backups.

One click deployments

In case of any problems with the current hosting, we can move the website to any other machine with minimal effort. It just needs some initial low-level configuration and few clicks withing Gitlab to create a new version of the website.

Staging environment

Whenever someone introduces an update or a fix, it can and need to be tested on the staging environment. It is some kind of a playground where the testers and developers can verify features and bugs.

Zero-downtime automatic updates

Utilizing Gitlab CI/CD and Docker Swarm mechanisms, we can make updates flawlessly so end users won't even notice a website update. No more downtimes when introducing a new feature or bugfix. You can read more about Gitlab CI/CD features on my extensive post explaining changes I've introduced into frontend:

  • Improvements for, Continuous Integration and Deployments /

Automatic SSL certificates

Browsers tend to block unsecured connections nowadays, so we're serving and renewing SSL certificates automatically.


It's the mechanism to keep the website alive without any human input. Docker service automatically checks if the website is in good health, and restarts it if not.

Hivesigner and Gitlab authentication and gitlab repositories support

More and more users start using as its default git provider, so I've introduced a way to login with the Gitlab account. It's also possible to provide repository link for the projects, and the platform will fetch information about contributors, forks, and stars.

How can you help?

We need to fill the database again. I've started doing that by myself, and well, it's time-consuming... But the project is designed to be community-driven, and you can help make it great again!

Add or edit the project

Feel free to visit, log in and add, edit or validate projects' details. Use the search bar to find if your project is already listed or not. Add a new project with as many details as you could get. Especially useful things are:

  • Description
  • Project URL
  • Contact URL
  • Team Members
  • Status

If you see the projects with insufficient details, try to improve it for the entire community.

Are you an apps owner or developer?

If you are, please put some effort into creating a proper timeline. Timeline is designed to give a user quick information about important things which happen in the project lately and the past. People are more comfortable using applications that give frequent updates - communication with users is the key!

There is also a unique and handy feature called Event Inserter. If you're posting updates via a specific account and with particular tags, please create a rule so the platform could automatically recognize the updates and notify Hive Projects users.

For example, I'm always doing updates about dBlog platform using my main account @engrave, and I always post it with engrave and dblog tags, so I created a rule:

From now on, ** every time I post a new update, it will be automatically inserted into the timeline**. Moreover, this mechanism will also notify users who added my project to favorites in the near future.

Give me some feedback

If you see a need for a new comparison grid or a project's category, please inform me via Discord or comment under this post. Please give as many details as you can, so we could proceed as fast as it is possible. Extensive feedback is advantageous.

Join HiveProjects community

Publish your favorite projects' descriptions here or cross-post an update from its author. This community could become a great source of all Hive-based projects' updates. I'm going to monitor the community to add/edit the projects on Hive Projects website.

Vote for @engrave witness

Many times I was looking for a specific tool and couldn't find it. I really missed the website, so I revived it because I feel such websites must exist. But contributing to projects like this one consumes time and resources. If you willing to support my mission, please vote for @engrave witness and follow my account.

Click on the image to vote with Hivesigner:

banner_engrave 100.png

Dont forget to follow @engrave account!


Excellent work! Already added some apps.

Those are already accepted and published :) Thanks for your contribution!


Many times I was looking for a specific tool and couldn't find it. I really missed the website, so I revived it because I feel such websites must exist.

That's why @fullalt, we released Hive 101 over a week ago! Good to see other people helping to catalog all that Hive is. I know it took awhile for us to find all the ones we could to list on #hive101. Props for making an effort in helping Hive move forward. What resources did you use to find all the apps/dapps/tools/resources?

Great work and thank you! We will start updating information about our apps! 🙌🎉🚀👍

Great to hear that :) I already added some of your projects but please validate it and edit if necessary.

Great to see this resource back.
Many thanks :)

well written i liked it

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This sounds so interesting, too bad my limited knowledge about the technicalities made me unable to help, I'm sorry, I wish I know how I could help.

Anyway I wish for the success of this project, more power!

PS. Just voted you as witness. I hope I've done it right.



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Awesome, way to go😊👍

Great news

Thank you for this update, I will check it out and share :)

Anyone working on a Wiki like interface? Would love to see a site like Fandom get some competition.

Didn't heard about anything like that.

I came across someone talking about building one for Hive, but nothing after that. It seems like a space Hive could compete in considering Fandom Wikis are so popular.

Good post... always nice to see a project centered on helping others find information... and in a positive way. I see lots of familiar names in the comments... also good.

I'm here to show my appreciation, and to see why you gave me an unfollow. Hopefully it was an accident ✌👍

Fantastic! I love seeing sites like this that pull together all the other parts. Capital work.

I did see one small spelling thing... or I think it is.

I am not sure, but "Built" I think is right..

Keep kicking butt! :D

Thanks for your feedback :) And you're right so I just pushed a quick fix :)

AWEEEEEeee DAM. That power of the internet and fast response time boggles my mind. lolz