Hive Projects weekly update: 4 projects added, 126 listed in total!

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What is Hive Projects?

Hive Projects is the biggest directory of apps, sites, tools, and scripts created for the Hive ecosystem. This website is an entirely volunteer-driven effort. That includes coding time and hosting costs. If you wish to help or show your gratitude, there are plenty of ways in which you can do that:

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Newly added projects

All published projects were moderated and accepted by our Content Manager @lukmarcus, who works hard to make Hive Projects the best and most up-to-date directory of tools and apps in our ecosystem. The entire reward from this post goes to him.


Team: @eturnerx

Category: Bots

Description: A node js script for token airdrops for the HIVE blockchain based on membership holdings of a specified Hive-Engine token.

HEPayer on


Team: @aggroed

Category: Exchanges

Description: Buy, sell, swap tokens hive-engine tokens.

Tribaldex on


Team: @beemengine

Category: Bots

Description: Promoting Your Posts 24/24, Community Curation & Support

BeemEngine on


Team: @dannychain, @hypnochain

Category: Specialized Hive Interfaces

Description: HypnoChain is a tokenized community for hypnosis content creators and appreciators where you can earn HYPNO (our token) and HIVE (blockchain's native currency) just by creating and/or curating content about hypnosis.

HypnoChain on

That would be all for today. Stay tuned for the next update and consider contributing to Hive Projects. It is a community-driven website.

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