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RE: New features: extended phishing protection, preview and scan of shortened links

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No need to take it personally. Bitching is a word used, when one is unable to understand criticism. Perhaps some people like your approach, but this might become a platform used by a million people, and the bot would be filling the chains in no-time.

Like I said, would be better to have a subscription-based service, than a system-wide "justice bot". In the end, you decide what is flagged and what is not. The abuse potential is huge, so it is a fair warning from my side.

So what next, adding my account to your DANGER list?


So no communication, well that clearly shows the motives are highly questionable. For money, for recognition, for dumb memes for sure. Just tried to tell you people are not stupid and will see, what you are doing with the little "project" :D

"For money" -> not really here for that, I invested 5 grand in HIVE in the past 3 years because I believe in it. Also, look at what the average salary in NY is for a senior software engineer and stop pestering me. The other reasons.. whatever, think what you want.

You don't like me, stop interacting with me and mute me. Bye!

Please stop your incessant, unwarranted spam comments on my posts.

I don’t see any comments of mine on your posts, got a link?
(You are also on a few blacklists and those are not controlled by me(