giving away 1 backed free hive nft wallet print backed by its own hive wallet with ...

in DBuzzlast year

... qr code key on inside in magnetic hardcase, next batch will be made w smaller HEXAGON shaped coin tokencases!

each physical hive nft has #nftshowroom nft & own wallet
🔑💿♦️ @hivecertificate1 -8

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It looks great. How can I participate?

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well youre first to reply so id say you won. just message me an address and ill mail one out. i guess u can message me on @peakd or telegram: ackza or twitter/ig ackza619

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That is great. I will message you with #beechat on peakd later

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mailing it out today! thanks for the hbd to cover the shipping and magnetic case

im personalizing the 1kb nfc chip sticker on the case for your hive account now!

next design i think ill make more room for that nfc sticker lol i still think it looks cool but next ones woll have a hexahon shape around it , i could have hiddem it inside but i like the idea of the case being personalized and ypu ca rewrite that nfc tag to whatever you want with nfc tools free app , its pretty fun, now the mfc chip for the case just has the public link and your account name ben.haase as new owner so people can scan and verify its you and my blockchain post comment here pretty much allows it to be a certificate of authenticity snd owner registration lol


i think youl enjoy the bonus wax printed reciept gift too


Looks like your house is flooded with #nfts 😎

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or just use telegram ackza i dont check hive messages cuz its all over the place, i tried to get keychain to build in messages because otherwise its just inconvinient lol

just use ackza on telegram or just text me six one nine 302 zero 3 nine eight

Ohhh, this is such a cool idea.

so whose gonna get one in the mail?

i gor a telegram message but they didnt say which nft lol i have a few giveaways for multiple chains lol

hah not cool enough, i got onky 70 cents thats pathetic while my old steemit posts would make me 1500 once and usually over 20 bucks and fir just text

i actually made something here and i get nothing

meanewhile someone makes overpriced hive stickers on etsy and geta on front page and paid more than me when i also made way better hive hologram stickers

and im giving them out free as actual hive nfts

and yet people would rather pay for stupie stickers that DONT come with 1 hive nft? wtf?

im sick of people who do less work getting paid more when my shits way better


why should i even bother lol

edit : whatever im happy everyones making uovotes

sorry to sound like im complaining but thatsnhow i really did feel

im over it now but its a lil frustrating when im trying to give out actual gifts and just want uovotes ro help pay when uovotes go out to peopel who arent giving out anything and are in fact Selling stuff which is fine but i should get more when im trying to actualy give free gifts

whatever maybe my hexagon shaped ones will do better

why should i even bother lol

Because it's an awesome idea. Don't let a lack of upvotes limit your creativity. If the right eyes see this, I think it will explode. Physical HIVE? In hexagon packaging? So cool. Once it's something in hand, I think it will click in the minds of people just how amazing an idea this is. Whatever you're willing to send physically, I'll review and promote and get the word out. I'd even put it on and listnerds, threads, alive tribe - I'd blast it everywhere.