in DBuzzlast month

Today I woke up melancholy, full of memories trapped in some photos. Photography doesn't just capture moments; It also evokes emotions. Its power lies in its ability to make us feel without saying a single word.


Happy and sad moments. Memory after memory, separate stories are woven that forge my own. Have you ever seen a photo that instantly transported you to a specific moment? Or an image that made you feel a rush of emotions?


Moments of family and friends who were there and are not here today. And yet, life goes on. That's the magic of photography. Images allow us to relive memories, beloved moments or forgotten experiences. Furthermore, photography is a multisensory experience.


All this accumulation of trapped feelings, immortalized in a photograph and in the neural processes of our brain. Photos have the power to touch our souls and transport us to different times and places.



When it dawns rainy, I get melancholic and end up looking at the family photo album. Maybe you look like me. I end up having a nice cup of coffee and sighing.

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