One day at a time…

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One day at a time

It is the way I have found to cope with the bad moments in life.

One day at a time

It is the only way to add up days amidst the rocky roads.

One day at a time

It is the shortest way to cope with pain and sadness, and like a potter, I mold the clay.

One day at a time

I make the effort to rise to adversity, against the wind I reach my destination.

One day at a time

I look fear in the eye and face it.

One day at a time

I come timidly to comfort, I find relief, and my memories become pleasant.

And it's been so many days at a time

that many admire my strength.

Today I confess that it accompanies me

Let's make the journey worthwhile and leave traces…


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One day at a time is the best way.