Similar to noise app After the whole day exploring i came to the poin ...

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Similar to noise app
After the whole day exploring i came to the point that the is just similar to or Twitter where we can create short post.
With time I'll explore it more and will learn to use it in good way.
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Welcome to dBuzz then. 😃
I think the dApp we call dBuzz is a strong competitor to Twitter in Blockchain.

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Yee it's looks familiar with Twitter

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Lol, I like the GIF.

Where did you discover D.Buzz?

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Yes i searched it from

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Great to see you here, Lesly. D Buzz is indeed for short posts. However, I heard there's a limit to how many you can create in a day (unlike Noise where you can create as many as you want). Not sure though so do check it out😉


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I think I'll write only one short post on too not so many but i joined hive for blogging and write long article just as we write in readcash

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