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Yo, my brothers and sisters, how you all doing this fine fine sunny day. The Jammin’ Yam is here to spread some good vibes all around. Spread some sunshine. That’s what I’m about. Yes. Whoee! Let’s do this!


I recently heard that my cousin, the arugula, ranted against vegetarians and humans in general for not understanding that plants may have a certain type of measurable consciousness. In human circles, we’re thought of as crops, ornaments, or therapy for hippies, but we’re never thought of as sentient beings. Alright, I get it. That used to bother me too, man. But wow how things have changed in my understanding of nature. Like wow. Getting better all the time. I’m more chill about things these days, you know. Grooving on with creation. Don’t worry about a thing 'cause every little thing is going to be cooooool.

As far as vegetative consciousness is concerned, well look, I can only speak for myself. My own subjective yam experience, you know. It’s all relative like that Einstein cat told us. Check it. You ready for this jam? Hahah yesss, man. We jamming side by side.


So what’s my experience? I sprouted from a single large tuber. The human- with whom I developed a symbiosis- sliced the yam up and put the sprouting pieces in a container with some water in it. And there you have it. New environment. More nutrients and oxygen. What’s not to love? The conditions were right and I did what came natural. I began sprouting roots, long and supple, then soon, I was ready to be planted. No, I wasn’t in search of cosmic enlightenment or any of that stuff. I was just developing, man. That’s it. Dig? Like a human baby. Embryonic. Is that a word?

Now, I’m all grown up and things are different. Just look at how I twist and turn this way and that. Whoo! You should see the human trying to train my vines to go up a mechanical arm clamped to the window sill. He didn’t realize I was going to grow vines. Hahah! Damn! That’s funny stuff right there.



Here’s the thing though. The human sees me wrapping my vines around the cord near the window, so he proceeds to untangle my coiling appendage and tries to train me to go a different route, up a flimsy string attached to a tomato cage. Phew! Oh man, that cracked me up, so I began twisting one way and then the other, just to fool around, and to this day he hasn’t figure out what I’m gonna do next. Haw! Haw! Talk about spatial intelligence. I just go with the flow, man.


The human’s antics crack me up, but that’s alright, he’s trying. And that’s all we can do right, try our best. Do our best, brothers and sisters. Beside, who are we to question a man who wants to grow tubers and vegetables in his downtown pad? It’s all good. It’s all part of the plan, right? Oh yea!


Am I upset that humans like to eat fruit and vegetables? Not at all. Don’t get hung up on it. Just do some research on us and write down the results. Do we have consciousness? For the sake of argument, let’s say that plants have a form of consciousness, self awareness, and sentience. Does that change anything? I don’t know, man. I tell you one thing though, if plants have consciousness, I ain’t giving up my weed. You’re gonna have to pry that sucka from my cold dead vines!

Haha! Just messing around.

Thanks for tuning in. This is the Jammin’ Yam. Keep it real, keep it cool, and until we meet again, let the good vibes grow.


Source of images: @litguru

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