Nice playing! Are these pics of real life objects or is it CGI?

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:) are soap bubbles mixed with dye, the photos were taken by a microscope!

Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that!

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Interessante, la prima serie sembrano bolle di sapone, belle anche le altre

This is very beautiful. They would make unique images for fiction 😅
Do you allow people to use your images for posts?

it depends, the origin must be explicitly mentioned

I would love to write a story based on it. I'm already fantasizing! Do I have your permission to use one? I will link back to this post and credit you, if you allow.

I'm almost finished. (Yes, I couldn't stop myself from writing as soon as I saw your beautiful images!) Thank you for giving me permission, because the story wouldn't be complete without them. I hope you like the story!

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It's finished
I hope you like it :)

If there is anything more I need to add to give you credit, please let me know and I will update.

Thank you for the inspiration!

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such amazing exploring

So cool! These look epic in color too! What are the second batch, they don't look like surface tension to me... ? 😀