Gig Day: October 6 2023

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The gig last night went very well indeed.
I was a tiny bit nervous in the afternoon when I suddenly had a few blackouts on lyrics and such but I didn't need to worry.

We're joining each other more on our solo sets but I'm also playing more on the duet ones; it's a slow process to learn them all. Steve just knows so many songs at a high standard.. lol

We had a good audience participation and played some extra songs at the end. One of the guys tried playing Wonderwall and I sang it.

I still need to look at the videos but these screenshots are taken from them.

Oh, when I came home I was missing my phone, I assumed I left it in the pub, but luckily did it turn up later this morning. Phew.




James and Dutch enjoying the action.
James played Wonderwall with me


That's it for today; Thanks for looking!

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I often blank on lyrics before playing a song, but it usually comes to me when I'm playing. You guys have a great selection of songs.

To be fair.. it was work that distracted me.. 😂
It's been a really busy week which isn't helping when you secretly try to get your head in the mode, so I got a little nervous thinking I wasn't prepared.

We do have lots of good songs and the list is growing. All good fun!

I think I might skip the practice today, not feeling great, so looks like there'll only be four of us, but that makes a band.. lol

when I suddenly had a few blackouts on lyrics

I bet it was not that obvious. You are a PRO Anke! Was that Wonderwall of Oasis? Love that song. 😃


A pro.. 😄 I wish..
Yes, Oasis. I've learned it recently, it's an excellent crowd pleaser..
We have a set just for sing-alongs.

I can’t see pictures again today :( …but it sounds like an awesome time!

I'll put the videos on YouTube, just have to cut them up.. :)

Share the link, I’d love to see it!
Also, no pressure or whatevs, but 3S does have an app now and much better upload speeds :)

Ah, yes, just checked.. I thought you needed an account to watch them but appears you don't.. However, most people won't sign up but will follow on YouTube.. 😕

On my profile is a link to all links.. lol

Woah, this is super cool!

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Wow looks like loads of fun! It's normal to forget some lines in front of a crowd. Keep it going 💪
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Thanks! I didn't, that's the thing..
When I ran through some stuff in the afternoon I did.. they're songs I've done loads of times. Lol
Are you a musician yourself?

Hehe not really,I enjoy music big time, but mainly I just build and grow actifit, and code code code 😄

Ah, you're one of the clever people!
Very nice to meet you! 😊😄

Aww thank you so sweet of you. Hive and actifit people are all clever :)

😄 course they are.. haha


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