New Open Mic: December 3 2023

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I ought to get back into daily posting again but I've been struggling lately for some reason.
I've always got the Actifit running and got a lot of steps, just need to get back into the swing of things.

Tuesday is my first day at my new work so hopefully things get back on track then or it might be worse because I'm too busy to do anything else.. 😄
We will see.

Kevin hosted a new open mic at a pup in Codicote. The Goat is a lovely little country pub with a lovely bunch of punters singing and dancing along. Funny thing is that at most open mics many are gone by the time we come to play. 😂
We ought to ask to get an earlier slot.

Kevin in his element dancing away, he really is a lovely guy!



Harpreet showed up as well



That's it for today; Thanks for looking!

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I know what it's like to just get out of the habit of posting. Other things happen and motivations change. Anyway, good to see you are busy playing. I've not been there, but it looks like we will be there in the summer.


looks like we will be there in the summer

Ah, is the festival near there? Never occurred to me but I guess it's in the name lol

I assume that's the pub who run it.


Dear @anna-newkey, you just got hugged.
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Goodluck again and as always your open mic looks so much fun!



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