The Hand again & Actifit November 25 2023

in Actifit3 months ago
Last night it started to snow a little, I was hoping that today I would wake up to a landscape filled with white, but it was not to be... On the other hand, if you drive just half an hour away from the town to the same place with 'the Hand' monument, there is plenty of snow now, but you also get very strong winds and also very cold, about -10°C (15°F). Brrrrrrr :))



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I love how everything is white
The snow is really beautiful
I’m sure that one day, I will feel the snow
I will know what it feels like

It's good to have such a place nearby.

Nice place 😁

Always :)

That is cold, my friend 15°!🥶
Be safe, driving on those icy roads, looks beautiful we have nothing Lol!🙄

I’m sure this is going to be so cold just like you said
It looks whitish and you also took a beautiful picture out of it

Loading... right! Not the best weather to hang outside in!

Nice job with your over 8000 @actifit steps for the day. Take care and hopefully you will get the snow soon!

If you move a lot, its not that bad, I remember as a kid sometimes playing outside when the temps were -15, -22 degrees Fahrenheit :))

Brrrrrrrrr!! 🥶🥶🥶🥶

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