A trail & Actifit November 26 2023

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At 1500m altitude, it's a totally different story, everything looks peaceful and white, and quiet. The trail in the first photo is mostly made/used by animals in the winter, but no bear tracks, they're probably fast asleep at this time of the year.



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Looks awesome my friend, how does Max like the snow, have you taken him up to the higher elevations? 😀
You have much more than we do in our mountains!🤗

Not on this trail, but maybe soon. (Max)

Both of you enjoy the beautiful weather!😀

It looks beautiful! So quiet and tranquil! I bet you enjoyed your time there.

Nice job with your 8472 @actifit steps for the day. Take care!

This looks peaceful and white 😅

Everywhere is just looking white
If I may ask, do you like snows?

Who doesn't like snow?

I love it even though I have never experienced it before

Like you said,it’s looks peaceful and white and I think the main reason is because the cold will be too much

When it's cold, I can put some clothes on, but when it's too hot, I can't take my skin off if its really too hot:))

Yay! 🤗
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