A local incident & Actifit November 27 2023

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It happened last night somewhere in the village where I grew up, it looks like 4 people, most of them young were having a "party inside thew car" while driving, I said party because they werw all drunk, including the driver. As a result, he drove the car into a small ditch by the side of the road and this is the end result. They were lucky, really lucky, only two of them were taken to the hospital but will live to see another day.


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Wow… Looks like a bad accident, sounds like they were very lucky!😳🙄
Drinking and driving never goes well.....

Driving simulators while drunk its alot of fun :)))

I haven’t ever seen these driving simulators……..🤔
That would be interesting!😇

You never been to an Arcade games place?

When computers first came out, we had a couple games on them. That’s about all they were used for Lol🤣
By the time arcades started to become popular in the malls, we had just been married, and with work, and life never really went to an arcade 🙄

That’s really crazy
That’s why we have always been told not to drive when we’re drunk

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Oh my! They were lucky indeed! Hopefully they won't have any more parties in the car and not drive should they have them in the house!