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RE: My Actifit Report Card: July 19 2022

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Look at those potato plants! They are getting the best nutrients and it makes me laugh when something comes up in the compost pile. The things that come up most for me are watermelon, pumpkin, and tomatoes!

You did pretty well in the game today! It is always a little more fun when you have a friend to play with. You have come such a long way from last year with your understanding and being able to predict how the disc will react. It is interesting to keep following you and seeing how you evolve with it.

I hope your weather is cooperating for you! We just keep getting hotter and hotter! Have a great tomorrow!


I have seen those sometimes too but they don't do as well. Potatoes can get dried out or start breaking down so they are not good eating. They seem to like the compost. It is getting hotter around here too. Not too bad though.

They do seem to like the compost. I didnt get anything yet this year. :)

More rain tonight they say.