Happy Caturday!……..My Actifit Report Card: December 2 2023

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Happy Caturday everybody! 😽 The thing about Saturdays, is that I’m usually so tired from the week that I don’t want to wake up! I have grand plans to get up at a reasonable hour, and then the alarm goes off and I turn it off and roll over. It’s back to dreamland at that point.

Once I did manage to crawl out of bed and had made coffee, I tackled changing the waterbed. It takes a bit of time to accomplish this as I’m a bit particular how it’s done. It’s really best to not offer to help and just let me go. Once that was done, I started laundry and then headed up to my computer loft for an hour plus hit on the training for work.

Here’s another Caturday picture of Cot.

@silvertop and myself headed out for a hike around 3 PM. Jan had plans for the evening and was already gone at this point. We headed up towards the off grid cabin. I stayed down at the lumber mill area as my hip was bothering me while he went the last hill to the cabin. While I was waiting, I found some amazing ‘shrooms! Enjoy!

This isn’t a ‘shroom but it is a snowberry which is food for the birds during the winter.

Upon returning home, I made coffees and @silvertop built a fire.

Can’t you just feel the warmth?!

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care! 🙏🇮🇱🇺🇦


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That fire feels so warm Liz!!😀

Cot is sleeping as if it still a little baby without a worry in the world so wholesome to view.

He is a sweetie!

Cat shows one how to relax and enjoy a morning in, good lessons to be learned.

Going on the walk did reveal interesting finds out there, have a lovely Sunday!

Thanks @joanstewart, for stopping by and commenting! Take care and enjoy the week!

Hot once again with too many power outages makes it difficult to visit many, have a great time whatever you do.

Keep chilling Cot. Happy Caturday.

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Oh yes, I can feel the warmth, and I can read the warmth of the two of you on your hike.

Thank you so much @anli, for stopping by and commenting! Take care and have a lovely day!🤗💜

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Thank you so much!!🤗💜

Nothing wrong with sleeping in on a Saturday morning or anytime you can. Only mentioning this because my Fitbit tells me I don't sleep worth a darn anymore and I feel it. Maybe I need Cot to come visit and yawn at me awhile!😺

The woods you and @silvertop hike are rich with Nature's best. Excellent images! I was today years old when I saw my first snowberry - thank you!

Enjoy your Sunday! @elizabethbit🔥


Thank you @ninahaskin! Snowberries are very plentiful here. I guess that's good because the birdies are too!

Cot is a snuggly one and he has the absolute best purr of any kitty I've heard. I've heard a lot of kitties as I've had probably 50 over my adult lifetime. At one point, I had over 20 at the same time! I was jokingly called the Cat Lady!😸😽

Thank you for the pizza and have a lovely week!🤗💜. !LUV

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Two things. Nothing like a dog to force you out of bed to take him for a walk every morning. ;)

And second I noticed you spent 200afit too get bonus upvote. How do you do that?

Doggies are awesome!!

In regards to your question; If you hold enough AFITX tokens in either actifit.io wallet or hive-engine, to put yourself in the top 25 AFITX holders, you can exchange 200 AFIT tokens for priority upvote.

Take care and have a lovely day!

So what you are saying is I need to get 350 AFITX then I can ask you again :)

Or maybe just get enough to join the big boss people like mcfarhat and yourself :)

Which looks like its about a million AFIT

Or about 245 Hive

Which turns into

About 90 HBD

Thanks for the heads up.

Appreciate it :)

Now if only I didn't have my HBD earmarked for Splinterlands Rebellion packs that come out tomorrow morning :(

Actually not; you can still use 200 AFIT to get the vote. It might not happen for a couple of days though. Once you set it up, you can click on the exchange queue and see where you are at in line. Most of the time I see either 'within the next voting round' or 'within the next 2 voting rounds'. It all depends. I hope this makes sense. I might not always explain things the best.

Where do you set it up?

If I could spend afit too get upvote then I could use that to buy afitx...

Just never seen an option to purchase an upvote

Go to actifit.io and click on the wallet button; when the screen populates, the first thing that is listed is afit tokens. Look to the right side for the thumbs up button. Click on that.Scroll down just a little and you should see 4 red squares with a white button you can click on; click on the 200 afit and it will mark the white blue(I think it turns blue, but it won't be white any longer). Then you put in your wallet password. If you notice to the right, you see a red button that says change your password. If you have not set a password for this purpose, I believe you would click that. Keep in mind, it's been a long time, so I'm not sure if that will generate it for the first time or not. Keep your wallet password in a file or on a jump drive you can get to easily as you will need it each time you set this up. It is not automatic; you have to go in and 'load' it each time. Once it's loaded, you will see an exchange queue window pop up. If you click on the red 'exchange queue', you can then scroll down and see where you are at in the queue.

I hope this makes sense to you. Reach out if you need help; if I don't know the answer, I'll find out.

I'll check it out.. thank you