Another Rainy Day In The NW!………..My Actifit Report Card: December 4 2023

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Yes folks, as you can see from this first picture, it is a wet day here in PNW! Rain is nothing new to us, but people here are a bit on edge. The river is under a flood watch. The river needs some maintenance done on it to prevent flooding, but none of the responsible parties want to take care of it so therefore, nothing happens. 🙄

A couple of years ago, Everson, Nooksack and especially Sumas, all faced the brunt force of a river out of control. It was devastating and you can still see, after two years, folks still trying to rebuild from it. Now we have this deluge of rain. It’s more than folks should have to contend with.

My day has been a bit topsy-turvy too, but for different reasons. This whole software upgrade has many more facets to it than I imagined. The doc has no clue. Anyway, I’ve got so much data to input so it reflects our office-it’s a bit overwhelming. I can’t do the input at work as I will be constantly interrupted. Bad for entering data! Working from home on it is great but there’s just some stuff that I need to be able to access the system at work for, and since it’s on a server there at work, I can’t bring it home with me. 🙄 I’m spending part of each day (some days an hour or so and others more) but am in essence working every day some. That quite frankly sucks!

Prayers would be appreciated for me to hold this together and get it done-quickly! 🙏

Since I spent half my day on this today and with the rain coming down, did not hike. However, a VR workout was just what I needed! I actually moved just into the expert level on one of my workouts. Whether or not I can keep that up or not remains to be seen, lol! 🤣

Here’s some eye candy from previous days! Enjoy!

Tomorrow would be my ladies Bible study, but I am not attending for now because of the work schedule I have to deal with. It’s not what I want-I’d rather go.

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and have a lovely night. 🙏🇮🇱🇺🇦


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Thank you!!!🤗💜

I am glad you are showing gratitude and appreciate/enjoy the rain so much—really inspiring stuff.

You make lemonade out of lemons and in the Northwest, the rain is called 'liquid sunshine'!🌞😁👍

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much @ecency!🤗💜


Do they do dredging there?

They seriously need to, but haven't for years because the people in power from the county, to the EPA, to the native tribe that claims it, all refuse to do anything but point fingers at one another. It's sad, and consequently, so many suffer for the lack of direction and action.

It's sad. Nothing will come to fruition if they don't take responsibility.

I know-right?! It's maddening! Just give me a backhoe; I'll take care of it!😁

I pray for you every day anyway, so I'll say a special prayer for that intention!!!
Stay warm and dry tomorrow. I hear it is going to rai there tomorrow too!

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Thank you for the prayers sis!

It did indeed rain here-buckets! Take care my sister! Love ya much!🤗😘💞🌸🎄 !PIMP

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