Saturday Garden Beginnings…………My Actifit Report Card: April 20 2024

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Today was the day! I began my garden project. We started out by heading to the local materials store to get a load of topsoil. See @silvertop’s post for that trip.

Before I go any further with today’s post, @silversaver888, @thekirtygirl, @kerrislravenhill, @joanstewart and @terganftp-here’s the answer to the post entitled ‘What IS That?!’

The mysterious large pile is silage, which is kept under cover and pulled out to feed the dairy cows in addition to the grass they graze and any other supplemental food. They cover it with white plastic and use tires to hold the plastic down. Awesome guesses guys and I appreciate you stopping by to leave that comment! 🤗💜

Okay-so back to the project. After getting the yard of dirt we headed back home. @silvertop unloaded it for me while I worked on cleaning up the garden area. I truly believe every fall leaf had found its way into the garden!

It took quite a while to get it set to some order, so the building of the raised garden bed had to wait. We might put it together in the garage tomorrow as it’s supposed to dump rain all day! Don’t worry-I covered the garden soil up with a tarp to avoid a mud pit!

After a brief respite, we headed out with Jan for a hike. We were on the hunt for the elusive Morels again. I found these beautiful purple flowers!

Unfortunately the hike did not reveal those Morels, so we’re gonna try to go back to the spot next weekend. I caught some other eye candy for your viewing pleasure!

Our neighbor Keith was out playing with his ‘big boy toys’.

Alas, the rain has already begun. The weather people aren’t known for their accuracy, so maybe the sun will shine tomorrow? It would be nice. I’ll take pics as things begin. Today, there wasn’t much in the line of nice gardening pics to have.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! 🙏🙏🇮🇱🇺🇦


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I like a guessing game even when there's nothing at stake. Well, at least I got a few things done this morning before the clouds got in the way.

I am glad you participated! The weather is definitely unsettled, and IF you can trust the forecast, sounds like on Wednesday, the heavens will open and we will not see the sun for at least 5 days or more!

Springtime! 😏


those purple flowers are stunning.. cleaning a garden must have been a difficult task. keep up with the good work

Thank you and for stopping by! Take care!🤗💜

Those morels sure better be on the lookout for you next time.

We will keep going until either we find them or it's too late for them to be there! Last year, we hit the jackpot with early Morels, but I don't eat them, I just photograph them. My neighbor eats them! Thanks for stopping by!

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"The mysterious large pile is silage..."

Oh, I shouldn't have changed my first thought! 🙀 Many farmers around here roll hay into giant, cylindrical bales. If they're not transported to a barn or other shelter, they're covered — but, in a different way!  So, I changed my answer to 'mulch' instead! 😂

Don't feel bad; no one guessed, but you have to admit, there were all kinds of possibilities! Thanks for participating and have a lovely day!🤗💜