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Scientific Review, Foods to maintain health, ginger and Matcha tea.

Ginger is an aromatic species so typical of Asian cuisine that it is used especially in drinks, teas and soups. Ginger can help us reduce inflammation and pain. In addition, it has the ability to help us reduce nausea and stimulate our metabolism.

While Matcha tea is a green powder that is much more than a coffee substitute. It is proven that its high content of anti-free radical agents, vitamins, minerals and trace elements helps prevent colds and flu.

The most popular way to consume it is to drink it, preparing the drink called "matcha latte." But it can also be added, for example, to baking preparations, such as vegetable pies.

An interesting fact to keep in mind is that when you buy matcha powder, make sure it does not have sugar or additives. And the best way to preserve it is in the container it comes in, putting it in the refrigerator.

Study Source

Study Source

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