My Actifit Report Card: August 23 2022

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My friend and I played a couple of rounds of disc golf out at my favorite eighteen-hole course. I lost the first round and won the second round. Scores were +8 to +7 in the first round and -2 to +6 in the second.

I was testing out a new flippy understable mid-range disc today. I like it but it has not improved my game as yet because I'm still trying to learn how to throw it. I've wanted a utility disc like this to fill in for a few specialty throws where I can't use my preferred way of throwing a disc.

An older Pro plastic disc:

It is hard to see from the photo but the edge of this disc has been forced down towards the table surface from some tree hits. It no longer sits flat on the tabletop too. For the age of the disc, there are not a lot of scrapes and dings on it. The premium plastic disc still flies nicely but is getting a bit understable after a few years of use.

This disc is one of the old favorites that I almost lost recently but luckily someone found and returned it. Honestly, it is almost too understable and I have started to use a more stable disc in its place. This winter I'll probably switch this disc back in the bag. When it is colder and rainy I can't throw as hard and like less stability in my discs.

Having less stability allows you to throw a lot farther but it comes at a cost when it gets too difficult to control in the wind or under a lot of power.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher..
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It must have been a great time spent with your friend. At times when one play with one friend, it is quite competitive and at the same time fun

Having a buddy to play with makes things a lot more enjoyable plus you can learn from each other.

Always happy to read your writings about playing golf with your friends, and hopefully you and your friends will always practice golf consistently so that they can win tournaments in the future. @lightsplasher 😁👍

It has been getting easier for me to relax more in the tournaments and I feel like I'm getting better about knowing what to expect. It has always been fun for me.

congratulations you made it in the second round with very good results and certainly very fun...

Thank you. Anytime I go under par on this course I'm very happy about it.

Playing golf is one of my favorite hobby, but there is no place again in my village for playing golf, now i just can read your playing golf activity, hehe

I like it a lot and it would be hard for me to live somewhere that did not have any courses nearby. Thankfully there are a lot of nice disc golf courses around where I live.

I hope that your new unstable mid-range flippy disc will be very useful to you, the fact that it is unstable, with the experience you have, will allow you to overcome it. Estimated successes, from Venezuela.

I'm getting to know it much better and it is turning out to be just what I was wanting. It is not going to be a good disc to throw far into a headwind but that is not what I want it for.

Friend, I hope your record is good, knowing you and achieving the best releases, you are worthy of them, for your perseverance and dedication to the record game, you always deserve to win. Successes.

a very fun game of golf for you and your friends today, I can see that your skills are very balanced, surely you are a rival who always play together right?

I also saw in your photo beside your disk is it a bonsai tree trunk?

It is an older bonsai tree that I just transplanted recently. I think it might be around forty to fifty years old or so.

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I think it is great to tie game between you Nd your friend,hope you enjoy.