My Actifit Report Card: August 28 2022

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I played the last two rounds of the weekend disc golf tournament today. In the first round, I did alright and was in third place with a one-throw lead over fourth place.

Unfortunately, I had a rather rough time on the pitch and putt course. I had practiced the first hole because I had difficulty with that one and usually can get it in two throws. In the round, I had an easy putt for two, but I missed it and took a three on the hole.

The next hole was a very easy short-distance hole, but when I threw off the tee, it hit the side of the hill and rolled a long way off. It was still possible to make a longer putt for two, but I missed that as well. To make a long story short, I took bogeys on the first three holes and ended the round with five over par. This put me one throw away from a third-place finish.

Oh well, I had a lot of fun playing in the tournament, and the people I met were very fun to play with. All in all, I had a great time.

Next week is the start of the fall disc golf league, and I'm very excited to play in that. My friend and son will be on the same card, so it should be easier for me to relax a bit and make a few of those putts, lol.

Additionally, if I ever have a tournament where we take a long break for lunch again, I think I need to take a few practice throws to warm back up afterward. When I eat a heavy meal, I have trouble getting started again and playing at the same level.


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a dog that is quite unique, its fur is also very beautiful and very neat sir.

Wow brother amazing and beautiful doggie.

Your adorable puppy looks so innocent. I love when see it.💖💖💖💖

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great, today I saw again your very cute puppy.

Keep the spirit and don't give up for the next tournament, keep evaluating for the future to be better, btw doggie looks very cute I think..👍👍😄

This is an interesting post

As always you have many successes brother

You got to make putts if you want a place on the podium.. practice practice practice then practice some more

Good advice. I'm actually a lot better at putting than I was but that's not saying much, lol. I was really hesitant on signing up for the last tournament because it was all courses I don't do as well others on but I didn't want to miss the fun. It gets easier to play in tournaments the more you show up.

the doggy looks very cute and beautiful especially when taken with great detail so it looks very cool....

Even if you don't get the best results this time, I'm sure that in tournament matches you will get the best results, although of course there is a lot of experience that we can get in each tournament and also meet other great people


I believe the more you practice the more one get perfect. And for every let down is to learn from it more