My Actifit Report Card: November 22 2023

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I played a short nine-hole practice round of disc golf this morning. I tried out a few different ways of throwing the disc that I had heard about. One was about leading with your elbow when putting. It seemed to help get more power, but I'm not sure if it will be better for accuracy. I might have to try it out some more, but I don't think I should be changing my form too much right now.

I also did some walking and cleaning.

This photo was taken a few days ago on a disc golf hole when there was a clear view:

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Daily Activity, Golf, House Chores, Walking


It's good to try out different methods. You never can tell how good you could be with it.
7k walks for today seems small but is not be that bad.
Have a lovely day.

Sounds like a good nine hole practice round my friend! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!!🤗😀🤗

Tried different ways it's a good thing. Because this will hopefully help you figure out how you play better and understand where you need to improve.

With effort and always practicing you will definitely become the best.

The beauty of the mountains in the background is really very beautiful, really like it


The mountain in the distance looks surreal…

Keep trying and you will succeed brother @lightsplasher , it is worth continuing to do it for your favorite sport, the puck game. Also distracting yourself with routine matters will refresh your arm for new attempts. Thank you for your visits to my publications. Successes.

Trying new methods sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable, but there's no harm in trying, who knows, it might actually provide more comfort in the future

Your disc golf trip looks like a mix of athletic exploration and scenic appreciation. The quest for the perfect throw is a captivating endeavor, and the clear views in the photos add a touch of serenity to the game. May your next round be filled with more satisfying shots and incredible natural views there!😍

Of course, it's a fun day for you today, especially if you try to do some throws like you've heard, it might take time but there's no harm in trying new things.

The view of the golf course today is really very beautiful, I am always amazed by the clear snow mountain background, it looks so bright

If you try you can do good things and since you try with all your heart, I hope you can do good things.

At the same time, your photography is also very beautiful. I also love this kind of natural beauty from my heart. Thank you very much for presenting such a beautiful photography to us.

Very beautiful view... love those mountains

Congratulations for 7k and glad to see you are cleaning your area 😍@lightsplasher