My Actifit Report Card: November 23 2023

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We played a short eight-basket round of disc golf today. Nobody was really keeping score, but I might have won.

Doggie might have had a bit too much to eat because there was a small incident out on the disc golf course. It was a bit of a mess to clean up. We were all pretty full from the Thanksgiving meal.

It felt nice to get out for a bit of a walk after having a big meal.

The day was really fun for everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

What it looked like out on the disc golf course today:

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Daily Activity, Golf, House Chores, Walking


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 day to you sir, 🥳🥳🥳 I was waiting patiently if you will carry me along to the Thanksgiving Celebration, but I didn't see you🥂🥂. Thanks God it went well. I will you the best in today game, please stay safe sir ☺️😊😊 !AFIT

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Doggie had a food coma thing going on. Poor little guy. I hope he's feeling better now.

Sounds like a good family time as this day should be. Happy Thanksgiving @lightsplasher and enjoy the balance of the long weekend! Take care!

Beautiful view of Mount Rainier my friend!😄
Sounds like doggy was partaking in a little bit of rich Thanksgiving food!🙄

Happy Thanksgiving ! Looks like another beautiful day out your way.

Nice to hear about Doggie today. Glad he went along with you and really enjoyed himself with abundant of meal.

It felt nice to get out for a bit of a walk after having a big meal.

Lol, I'm not sure you will feel like moving about playing golf. All you would need at that time is a much more rest.


Wow, you had a great day of disc golf and post-Thanksgiving celebrations! The little incident with the dog adds a touch of humor to the story. Hope you continue to have fun and have fun!😊

That picture is truly an incredible sight!😍

This is looking one of the amazing picture, hope you have a great day brother

Glamorous mountains and with dim sunshine☀️ reminds me the trip with friends @kousarnag @lightsplasher 😍

Of course it's a fun day for you today, playing golf with your friends, and also taking a leisurely walk after eating a big meal, of course this is a fun thing

one word for the view of your golf course today, extraordinary, the view is so perfect, the snow hills can be seen so clearly

Seeing such a scene with one's own eyes surely makes every person happy and happy.

I love to travel and I personally love this kind of view, thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful view with us.

In any case, little by little you overcome the stumbling blocks by playing to move forward. It is very important when our pets accompany us, logically they must eat and do their basic needs, many do not understand that, but having them is very nice. Good luck brother @lightsplasher

In the field you can see quite beautiful natural beauty

the cast is really very good i really like to see the mountains