My Actifit Report Card: November 28 2023

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The three of us played disc golf at a difficult course this morning. I won with a +16 to a +19 and +37.

Everyone had a lot of fun and the weather was mostly sunny. It was a bit cold at the start of the round but warmed up a bit, and there was not much wind. I started out with three layers of clothing but left my windbreaker shell in the car.

I was having about an average round for me. I missed a few of my throws off the tee but generally made good approach throws and putts.

I was working a bit on a few ways of throwing that I don't normally do. I was trying to see if I could forehand flick the disc, but that did not work out very well in the few times I tried it. I was trying to throw a twelve speed driver, but I think I should limit myself to a nine speed until I can get some power and better angle control back in the throw. I think that these types of rounds are a good chance to try to work on things that you need to improve on.

Tonight's sunset:

There were really wild looking colors and cloud patterns tonight.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.
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We too, had some unusual skies this afternoon and the sunset as well! Simply beautiful!

Glad you fun with the disc golf and that the weather was good for the game. Excellent job with your 12991 @actifit steps for the day. Take care and have a good eveing!

Wow ... did you get a shot:)

It was just a wonderful sunset tonight. I might post a few more of the photos soon.

wow. really, really cool

You are moving forward friend @lightsplasher little by little you will achieve it. Up ahead, it's a nice sunrise. Thank you for your evaluations of my publications. Successes.

This really beautiful, post more @lightsplasher

In one word, extraordinary nature is natural beauty. Such a scene is enough to impress anyone. Really amazing scenery and amazing photography.

Congratulations on the win my friend!😄
The weather certainly is turning colder, and it looks like it's producing some spectacular sunsets simply awesome photo!!😄

The sunset view is very beautiful.In terms of color, it's also very good...

Holy. That is amazing. Incredible sky.

It does look like a wildfire or a very nicely done painting with the consistent stroke of the brush... beautiful 😍

Lovely sunset photography. It looks like there is a severe fire burning at the extreme.

Nice to see you hit above 12k walks today.

You seem to enjoy the challenging but fun game of disc golf. Exploring new throwing techniques and experimenting during casual rounds is a great way to perfect skills. The description of the sunset with its wild colors and cloud patterns adds a beautiful touch to the whole experience. A satisfying day!😊

First of all good luck and congratulation for you win with very good points.

I sincerely thank you for sharing an amazing sunset photography with us.

as usual of course it's a beautiful day for you to play golf with your friends there and you get first place, trying something new is not laborious, it will make you have experience of different ways of hitting

how beautiful the sunset there is, the light is so red and it looks like there is a black cloud
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Yay! 🤗
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Wow 🤩🤩 such a wonderful picture brother , hope you enjoy today game.

Hi @lightasher friend congrats on winning golf.⛳️ And thanks for sharing the wonderful photography Hive blog.